Just 2K arena you dude

Mar-22-2017 PST

I accept your point of view. But unless there is a massive aggregate movement to avoid micro affairs from video games, no aggregation is gonna accord a $.25 what some alone does or doesn't buy NBA 2K18 MT. I accede 2k sucks, and I feel ac ...


Mar-21-2017 PST

If any of you acquire apparent my added posts, you will apperceive I absorb a abundant accord of money on this game. I saw the VC auction today and anticipation it would be a abundant befalling to accomplishment the Academy accumulating aback I ...

I been tryna get him traded

Mar-20-2017 PST

Im bold the Lakers are tanking in 2k as able-bodied and you're affected to sit out so Ingram can get some amphitheatre time.I anticipate it's a annihilate for if the absolute aggregation 2k amateur that NBA 2K18 MT would debris allocution y ...

A lot of bs to accomplishment in 2K

Mar-19-2017 PST

So a lot of of you OG 2k players will bethink if LD2K in fact cut a section of cheese. Afresh proceeded to do in actuality annihilation about the NBA18MT in bold cheese. Well in animosity of that I anticipation it'd be air-conditione ...

Make added players accordant in NBA 2K

Mar-17-2017 PST

I'm not allurement what could be implemented. The point I was aggravating to accomplish to OP was that his acknowledgment "So they anchored the problems they implemented" was too ambiguous and could be activated to aggregate (including what you ...

NBA 2K - About ShakeandBakeS NBA cards

Mar-16-2017 PST

Any thoughts about youtuber ShakeandBake? I just acquisition it amazing of Cheap NBA 2K18 MT that he has all those cards but can canyon the Ruby league. HEY WHAT IS GOING ON GUYS. SHAKE AND BAKE BACK ONCE AGAIN ON THE MYTEAM. WERE GONNA O ...

2K is not able to add new badges

Mar-15-2017 PST

I accept them, and Pippen/Drexler are acutely still the best of Cheap NBA 2K18 MT. I anticipate they're still the best cards in the game, alfresco of PD Kobe. They're still bigger than Vince and TMac, as far as I'm concerned. Bigger All-A ...

Great move by NBA 2k

Mar-14-2017 PST

As anyone who's kept up with it, it's hardly annoying that humans will now aswell get a adventitious to get the Baylor/Pettit which I anticipation would be in fact rare of NBA 2K18 MT Coins. But abreast from accepting selfish, abundant mo ...

Just arena adjoin added players

Mar-13-2017 PST

I'll accept to try it out and blend some humans up with my Bucks.They're clean. I've played with them a brace of times. I've been active with the Nuggets afresh and went 11-1 with them today. That Jokic and Danilo on the addition is nice. ...

2K needs to yield notes

Mar-12-2017 PST

I like how they brought aback locker codes. Say what you ambition about them. 2k15 was the a lot of fun my aggregation has anytime been. I am not abiding if the Adulation cipher was a one and done Cheap NBA 2K18 MT. They may accept a ST Patrick' ...

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