2k has had shitty servers aback 1999

Really ambition there was a way to play offline, but with the cessation from arena online. Wildly unrealistic ambition that will never happen, but it would be abundant to be able to convenance active my breach in an offline approach that "featured" the latency you acquaintance if arena online.

When I acknowledgment to arena online afterwards spending any cogent bulk of time arena an offline mode, my attempt (free throws especially) are way off, because I'm no best acclimated to the latency.

On that note, anyone apperceive why chargeless throws accept SO abundant added cessation than a approved shot? The attempt beat continues to ample for so abundant best afterwards you absolution the shot.

I accept to let go of the attempt button if the beat gets center full, and it's still sometimes late.

Crazy anticipation but buck with me... What if the devs programmed the bold in a way that would allay cessation from Online bold play.

There are three things affirmed in life: death, taxes and NBA2k lag. 2k has had shitty servers aback 1999.

With commendations to the chargeless bandy lag, best ambush is to not attending at the attempt absolution bar. Instead, attending at the players hands.

When it feels like the brawl should leave the players hands, let go of the button. Best way to accomplish FT's imo because you can't assurance that bar.

I feel like axis off the attempt beat has helped me get bigger releases added frequently, both online and offline.

I apperceive it sounds crazy, but it's account a shot.

The attempt absolution is altered accustomed in MTO for me. I gave up. Aback there is no added offline contents, I awash my complete calendar for clay cheap. Afresh adequate Witcher 3.

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