A lot of bs to accomplishment in 2K

So a lot of of you OG 2k players will bethink if LD2K in fact cut a section of cheese. Afresh proceeded to do in actuality annihilation about the NBA18MT in bold cheese.

Well in animosity of that I anticipation it'd be air-conditioned to accomplish a admonition appearance cilia breadth humans can animadversion on the cheese/exploit they can't accord with and others can let them apperceive how they affected it! Park/MyTeam Online and Blacktop are my areas of expertise.

So you account 60 points, with 10 fts, 2 threes, and 44 credibility in the paint? How do you acquisition that fun?

You'd say the aforementioned exact affair if they were throwing up 20 3s a game. My admired amateur in the bold is Aces and is a antagonism nightmare. Column moves are fun this year and if you can't amount out how to stop them, best accept somebody is traveling to go aback to it. "spamming column moves"...

Yeah, there is a lot of bs to accomplishment in 2K, but you accept to draw the band about and aggregate is not "cheese". Fun fact, the NBA was congenital on column play.

Eh bead accomplish are appealing torn this year. Aswell continuing layups assume to draw fouls beneath the bassinet like 90% of the time. I account over 60% every bold which is unrealistic, currently in 3rd prestige.

They in actuality did cut a lot of cheese in that bold if he said this above-mentioned to 2k16. Sadly, they brought it aback this year.

I concur. This year's bold is awfully bad. I admired 2k16, abnormally at the beginning,NBA 2K18 MT bare the alarming get aback afterwards makes. Which...made it aback into this year's bold and basically every bequest affair they've anytime had.

Mar-19-2017 PST

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