According to 2k is new cards

I anticipate it's in fact sad that the alone "content" we're accepting now are new cards. I apperceive 2K alone Moments Challenges for the accomplished circuit in the playoffs, but I still anticipate it's acutely defective and underwhelming.

They accept all this celebrated playoffs cards absolution but not a individual celebrated playoffs challenge. (Except for the Shaq one) I ambition that whenever they absolution a new celebrated card, they aswell bead challenges as to how players accreditation the release of those cards.

They will not even charge a calendar claim if they don't ambition to. I just anticipate it would be abundant to in actuality use and play with the new cards or even just play with my approved calendar offline.

All you accept is kids allurement for PD codes and talking about packs accepting lit, dupe this, dupe that and how they are shleep..

It sucks that there hasnt been any user vs user tournaments, user vs user challenges or even circadian challenges for 1k MT or a badge or whatever, something to use these bronz n argent cards on, something arduous added than arena against all design teams with affected superheroes that dont represent the complete amateur at all.

Everything the majority of association wants according to 2k is new cards so thats all we're gnna get...Id be afraid if we dont get a blush design anthony bennett for chargeless to accept cheep draft up about how lit it is and how he was a beast in academy yadda yadda.

Then some ppl will cry about how they put in cipher in 10seconds and its gone and how they will not buy 2k18, ablution and repeat.

They in fact accept to advance individual amateur options for next 2k. They accomplish it absurd to accomplish mt unless you buy packs or Cheap NBA 2K18 MT abstract (and they approved to stop sniping in the accomplished too smh).

May-30-2017 PST

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