Carmelo Anthony Campus Legend in 2K

Before spending some MT, I would like to apperceive If somebody already played with him and If he is account all the NBA 2K MT.

Think he costs about 160K Cheap NBA 2K18 MT on xbox If I'm right. Amuse actual If it's wrong.

His absolution is air-conditioned quick so if you're adequate with that afresh go for it. It has its advantages on affairs up on defenders who accord you a little amplitude aloft the arc.

He's awful at. Had him if he was traveling for 300+ and he was account it then.

I best him up for 155k during this blast and run him as my starting PF. He's agitating for me. Athletic as hell, can shoot calmly and runs the fast breach all game. I had Giannis at PF afore this and I like Melo more.

Does he not get abused in the cavalcade by a Webber or KG?

Dunno, probably. I run a area so my PF / SF are consistently attention the corners. I let my C (Kareem) handle the paint.

Will accord him a try but anticipate I adeptness be a bit backward maybe because prices are boring traveling up I see.

Saw 2 Melo's go for about 175k atm. Are these bodies paying too abundant or will he abandoned acceleration from now on maybe till about a assertive K again?

Pickup the azure or bittersweet for in actuality cheap, and see if you like the play actualization & animations, if you play acceptable with him, afresh advertise that agenda and go buy the diamond.

BC if you try out the design and don't like it. You're added than acceptable gonna lose MT.

Jun-10-2017 PST

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