I was just arise a joke

I'm appealing new to 2k so apologetic if this is a bit noobish. How do I get my brawl ascendancy over 72 as a bits creator? I ambition the aristocratic dribbles and NBA 2K18 MT stuff.

Two contradicting opinions, with no complete altercation or affirmation to aback either one up.

What array of affirmation would you like to aback up attempt creators are in actuality good? I could actualization my proam/park stats with 56% cutting from 3 and 70% from 2. I could beck me blooming lighting all night continued on esplanade and pro am.

Nothing will be abundant for you regardless. The guy aloft that said they are bits either doesn't accept a badged out attempt architect or doesn't accept one at all and bases his assessment off a abhorrent amateur that he played with.

Lmao you charge to arctic dude. I was just arise a joke. Apologetic if I affronted you.

Offended ? Get over yourself. I'm artlessly allurement what array of affidavit would you like.

I wasn't apropos to accurately this argument, I was speaking on the 2K association in general. A majority of them are a hypebeasts who just say (usually stupid) bits for the account of adage shit.

And as to "getting over myself," I don't apperceive what abroad I was declared to say, "fuck off m8?" Again, I apologise if what I was aggravating to say wasn't clear.

I can accede to MasterBetti. If you use SC correctly, it's an complete monster. 67% from the field, 45% from 3 for me.

May-31-2017 PST

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