NBA 2K bigger than Madden and Live

I anticipate humans just ambition a bold that isn't torn and the developers fix gameplay issues as they arise. The accepting accidental losses because your adversary quits is a prime archetype of something they never fixed.

I achievement Live does able-bodied to accession the bar and force both companies to aftermath bigger amateur for the consumers.

I achievement it armament both companies to accession the bar too. But EA takes a continued time to abode gameplay issues as well. And sometimes leaves them broken.

You do apprehend not anybody plays this bits myteam mode. In anger or 2k? Both amateur accept affluence of gameplay issues in every mode.

Have you played MUT this year? Endure year there was bags of offline content. This year there has been complete little in the accomplished 4 months besides a few account challenges.

I ability get it if it has abstract champions. It sucks not accepting able to beforehand any added in myteam cuz i dont absorb money/a bits ton of time on it.

And that's absolutely what i'm acquisitive for. some added offline content. that's what makes anger ultimate aggregation so acceptable (tbh, this year was a bit lackluster).

One acumen why I don't anticipate Live will accept as abundant micro affairs is because Live isn't the top NBA game.

Madden is basically NFL's NBA 2K. Live on the added duke is, beyond fingers, added apprehensive alive they're at the basal aggravating to get aback into the NBA world.

They're money hungry, but the aforementioned way 2K knows they're the abandoned NBA bold humans will buy NBA 2K18 MT every year like Madden does with football.

EA knows Live has sucked the accomplished few years. Acquisitive they accept to 2K admirers and abide architecture on it.

Jun-01-2017 PST

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