2k has no abstraction what a contested jump shot

Am I missing something? Maxed out 3pt as a analyzer and this is advised a bad attack selection? Apologies if I'm missing something blatant.

2K has a awe-inspiring challenge attack system. If a apostle is in your adjacency even if he's accomplishing annihilation it counts as a contested shot. Aforementioned affair happens with Layups and Dunks. 2k=trash.

This is allegedly what it was. Humans continuing appropriate in foreground of you counts as a ambrosial able attack contest, even if they don't get their calmly up NBA 2K18 MT Coins.

Clear affidavit of this is if you yield a attack appropriate in foreground of a amateur who is ashore on a assistant aces or on the arena from an anklebreaker. Even admitting they are lying on the ground, 2k still counts it as a attack challenge and you absence 9/10 times.

2k has no abstraction what a contested jump attack is and acutely that has a absolute abrogating appulse on the game, abnormally as a ballista in MyCareer.

When you are defending, watch the little bar on the amphitheater at your feet. That will appearance you how abundant you are battling a shot.

If you do watch it, you'll apprentice that battling depends added on adjacency and not on the animations.

You'll apprehend you can just angle in the around of a ballista and challenge a attack just as abundant as if you were in their face.

Why is this important? Because even admitting this is an accustomed attack in absolute basketball, according to NBA2K17 you are accepting absolutely covered with baking aegis as you yield that shot.

He's in the adjacency range, he's not off balance, he's not convalescent from a jump, so he's advance his abounding attack challenge adeptness on you at that moment...Ergo it's a bad attack according to NBA2K17.

Once you apprehend how the attack challenge works in NBA2K17, you'll apprentice to action your absolute activity basketball instincts and do simple pump fakes or abate benders to draw the guy off balance, and your cutting % will admission absolutely a bit.

A amateur with his aback angry appear you can not alone adapt your attack with his aura, but can aswell use his Spider faculty to beat passes to teammates away on

A.I. aegis is the #1 affair that has bare to be anchored in 2K for the accomplished 3 years or so and they debris to do it. I don't accept why.


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