2K makes huge money by affairs the game

They already do this in Asia. It's alleged NBA 2k Online and it's berserk accepted with endless of microtransactions.

Ok, it is the added time that i see this proposal, so it is a adventitious to accurate my assessment in a connected form. So, the aggregate of the proposal, is 2K to accomplish a "My Park" f2p MMO with microtransactions. It's a bad abstraction (both for us and 2K), and i will explain why below.

"My Park" is a affairs point of NBA 2K series. I apperceive (and i am appealing abiding that you apperceive also) users, who buy NBA 2K abandoned for My Park. These are 60$ (minimum) simple money for 2K, for a user that about plays any added approach of the game. But the 60$ is abandoned the start.

In the way that 2K advised the approach based on players' will to win, and win FAST by accepting the BEST amateur ASAP, microtransactions are in actuality bald not abandoned by 2K, but aswell by the players.

Before you (and every you, dont yield it personally) accusation 2K for the huge aggregate of microtransactions, accusation the players, who ambition from day one a 99 all-embracing rating, afterwards any effort.

Here i can add the archetypal phrase: if no one buys VC, afresh they acquire no acumen to exist. But as for now, i bought the bold day one, i saw players with 86 OR, and the bold was appear in actuality HOURS AGO.

This bureau that 2K fabricated at atomic 60$ (at least) from every amateur (the minimum aggregate of affairs the game) and aswell (at least) 20$ from every "My Park" (or whatever is alleged now) player. Simple money, fast money. In 2K18, 2K gave added options to SPEND VCs (haircuts, tatoos etc) so you can BUY more.

Keep in apperception that "MyPark" players, buy VC throughout every title's activity aeon and every year. And of course, every apprehend they alpha from "zero" as the advance they fabricated isn't agitated appellation by title.

Do you think, that in a f2p MMO the players will acquire they advance to displace in one year span? I acquire they won't.

In conclusion, 2K makes huge money by affairs the bold in accepted form,and acquire no acumen to adapt it.

They acquire "educated" players to acquire progress' reset, and players from they will to succeed, and accomplish fast, accumulate buy VC.

Above all, 2K is a company, and their ambition is to accomplish profit; its not binding for players to buy VC, but they do, and abide to do.

-Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my built-in language.

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