2k's ratings are based on potential

I didn't acquire to get anything. My affair is Rose is accepting a lower all-embracing than rookies who haven't played a bold yet.

Devin Booker is a agnate amateur to Rose who shots a lower allotment and NBA 2K18 MT plays aught aegis and provides annihilation to his aggregation statistically if he's on the court.

Booker doesn't accomplish his aggregation any bigger and he is 8 credibility academy than Rose. 2k's ratings are based on abeyant and I acquisition that ridiculous.

First of all, you should added aghast by Booker accepting overrated added than Rose is. Both acquire their ratings to high, Booker is still the aloft amateur today.

Fultz will acceptable be a bigger amateur than Rose is as well. By your logic, Fultz should be rated like a 65 beneath Bruno Caboclo because he should not get a academy all-embracing than players who acquire played a game.

Back to Booker Vs Rose. Booker in actuality has a absolute hardly bigger TS%, (53.1 to 53.0) and is no area abreast as egocentric or a amateur nor anywhere abreast as bad of a arresting player.

To go added into why Booker is rated so high, he averaged 25.8 credibility and 4.4 assists per bold in the final two months of the year already he was handed to reigns and the Suns went young.

Booker in actuality averaged 25+ppg in January, March, and April, 21ppg in February, and beneath 20ppg in the aboriginal three months of the year.

This shows how he able the year HOT and as a adolescent player, there is acumen to apprehend he will abide that this analysis or improve.

Rose on the added duke is now a advancement PG, on his 3rd aggregation in 3 years, and did not appearance annihilation aerial in the closing months that suggests he should be rated any higher.

You can't abject a annual off what anyone is acceptable to be vs what he in actuality is. Actuality of the bulk is Fultz hasnt played an NBA minute and he and Lonzo acquire a academy all-embracing appraisement than Rose.


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