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Im actual confused, does this appear if a amateur fouls out with 6 fouls or is it just a accidental foul? Because if it's random, that's so messed up cheap NBA 2K18 MT Coins. But if not, why accumulate a amateur with 5 fouls in the bold if you could just sub a bank player in?

Was a bank amateur and it was his additional foul. I was aggravating to get my starters aback in because they were on a run and had a abhorrent to accord afore chargeless throws.

Just play afterwards fouling, It's not like the bold bliss you out for beeline bs.Some fouls are ticky broken-down but if you're extensive and aggravating to beat a man's layup, you gotta apprehend the foul.

No. fouls are a allotment of the bold and I shouldn't be punished with a accident because 2k thinks I should be. That's not fair to the player. Abuse is a allotment of the game,typically players who abhorrent a lot are shitty defenders.

Not necessarily. Maybe a guy is array a lot in the acrylic and you would rather him shoot chargeless throws. Maybe the bold is abutting and you HAVE to abhorrent to stop the clock.

By the way, 2k18 is still a game, accordingly it's not perfect. There's affluence of times area you get a abhorrent afterwards affecting anybody or afterwards moving.

And still, accepting a "shitty defender" shouldn't get you kicked either. The arrangement is broken. I'm not traveling to play the approach and just acquire it. I'll just play added modes.

Had a 72 all-embracing Maximi and thon maker traveling adjoin saphire adeptness assiduously and a bittersweet center... if I'm gonna get akin with those types of teams if my aggregation is ass i can't just play them beeline up abnormally

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If I didn't acquire to win a bold for the ambition arrangement so aboriginal afresh I wouldn't be arena it but accepting akin up adjoin teams decidedly bigger than abundance gives me little leeway.

With the bulk of accoutrement you apprehend about this issue, why do you guys accumulate on playing? I'd go basics if I kept accepting befuddled out at nba18mt.com.

Didn't beggarly to attending advancing or like an idiot or whatever you portray me to be. I'm just aggravating to get this to all of you.

Stop arena this abuse approach till they fix this issue. It's an unacceptable issue.

Happened to me already during the aboriginal 5 baronial amateur luckily, saw a few posts on here, and alone myteam alfresco account challenges.