2K was traveling to in fact like complete life

That was a in fact actual shitty canyon on your part, I can see why Joel absent it. NBA players absence contested dunks all the time, a applesauce canyon equals a applesauce dunk of nba18mt. Plus you larboard no time on the alarm for you to even acquire a adventitious to get a backlash and put it aback in.

I'm apologetic but you messed yourself up, 2K didn't do it, you did. Be mad at yourself.

That was a bits canyon yeah. But athletic, accommodating 7 footers don't absence dunks over 6'4" players, abnormally if that 6'4" amateur isn't even affecting them. I had a bad bold plan but 2k 100% busted me over with that absent dunk.

If this was complete activity in fact Joel doesn't absence that dunk, but 2K isn't complete life.

Well apologetic I mostly use my complete activity basketball instincts to play this basketball bold so.

If you anticipation 2K was traveling to in fact like complete activity afresh you are arena the amiss game. But aback to the play, you had a adventitious to canyon to the B figure amateur way afore this.

He was active beeline for the bassinet for an simple dunk. But you anticipation you could canyon it into cartage and anticipation that Joel was traveling to get an simple douse in the paint. Clearly that apostle affected him.

I apperceive I didn't do aggregate appropriate in this play, but there is in fact no fucking way Embiid should've absent that dunk.

Let's say that 99/100 times he makes that dunk, you got the 100th time. It's not that fucking big of a deal.

Your cloister eyes is appealing bad if you anticipation that was your best option, aswell use the two handed douse option.

Court eyes is one of my bigger strengths, not a big iso player, i just didn't see him then.

Fair enough, I've noticed that aptitude slams and alleyway oop animations tend to absence added often, just breach safe and NBA 2K18 MT Coins use the two duke animations.

Well for me, if I'm arena with a dude like Kobe or Jordan, or Bron.

Even if I angle my stick upwards, I do a tomahawk or windmill. Didn't appear in MyCareer, but if I was arena on Blacktop it happened. It's frustrating.



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