5 Tips For Getting Better In NBA 2K


For over a decade, NBA 2K has been one of the best-selling sports video games of every year. Every day tens of millions of players compete online on the latest available version of this virtual basketball simulation. If you feel that your game is not good enough and you want to improve quickly, the following five tips should help you.

1 – Play Often

There are no secrets. To improve in any area and learn new skills, you have to practice. On NBA 2K, the same is true. The fact that you multiply matches with AI will get you controller automation. While this basketball video game isn't difficult to understand for a real-life orange ball practitioner, there are some basics to know.

First, understanding the rules of the game and timing (5 seconds for throw-ins, 8 seconds for halftime, 24 seconds for shots, etc.) is essential. It is also common for beginners to discover basketball with NBA 2K to return to the area.

Then, the skills of basketball players must also be mastered. Whether it's passing, shooting, dribbling, intercepting, running, or jumping, there are many gestures to learn. Don't forget about price cuts, making screens, alley-oops... newbies in this field have a lot to learn.

2 – Facing Stronger Opponents

We also progress in adversity. During training, we also learn by making mistakes. Progressing by challenging other players is more fun than playing alone in a corner. Granted, it's not fun to be a little stimulated in the first place. But with an experienced player around, you'll improve quickly, provided he accepts the role of "mentor".

If you only play online games, the task will look more complicated. Indeed, unless you face someone you know every time, your opponents will be random and never the same. Friends or family will do well. You don't have to challenge the best players on the planet to show progress. There are different stages and levels before reaching the top.

3 – Learning The Game System

In real life, basketball coaches implement strategies. The same is true in the virtual universe. While the NBA is a league that is very personal and intuitive, the game system is built by the coaching staff and applied by the players on the court. If basketball is played completely unsupervised, the game can be very chaotic. So few broadcasters and viewers will be interested in it.

On NBA 2K, many game systems are pre-registered. You just have to look at them, choose the ones that suit you best, and use them in your training to make them your own. Once you've mastered them and are ready, all you have to do is launch them in a game.

4 – Group Play

"Go faster alone, go further together". If you don't know how collective intelligence works, this proverb sums it up perfectly. In the NBA world, players can indeed rely on individual skill and physicality to score. On NBA 2K, the same is true. more exaggerated. Passing the ball to your best player and going to the opponent's rim with him will usually allow you to score more or less quickly at the start of the game. If an athlete is constantly killing himself on offense to get points at all costs, his defense will be less effective. And will also become less decisive on offense. You will see this with a fatigue gauge.

Playing collectively on both sides of the court is one of the foundations of great performance on consoles. Your players won't be exhausted anytime soon. Also, a good defense can provide an easy basket on the counter. So it's no use trying to score with his team's superstar every time. At the same time forced shooting...

Absolutely spinning the ball will upset your opponent and give you open shots. The chance to score an easy score comes naturally to you.

5 – Get The Best Out Of Each Player

In the professional sports industry, every athlete has different characteristics and abilities. Even more in the NBA, where the hierarchy in a team is often established. At the top, there are one or two superstars, accompanied more or less by stars in the major five.

Some teams have a luxury sixth man, that is to say, an element who can be an indisputable holder in one of the twenty-nine formations of the championship. They are usually the leader of the second unit.

Most of the substitutes are additional players, who are there to breathe the stars. Among them, there are specialists in three-point shooting, defending on man, blocking, interception... To perform at the highest level in NBA 2K, you must know the strengths and weaknesses of each of the players. 

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