​A query on FUT 23 goalkeepers


A query on FUT goalkeepers? Heights and different in-recreation stats. How vital is the GK peak in FUT? I’ve used 6’6 Courtois and he become amazing. Making the prevent anticipate him to plus absolutely the grasp recreation winners(will get cheap FIFA 23 Coins easy). Of route he’s conceded desires which you anticipate him to however that’s the sport.

Been Using 6’6 Pope because of exalternate of group and he’s been respectable, but now no longer as proper as Gold Courtois. What is your opinion on peak in terms of keepers? I’ve visible 6’1 to 6'three keepers (Yashin, Alisson, Ederson) have absolute shutouts towards me (I’m Div2 Last checkpoint in the intervening time however now no longer looking to be promoted to Div1. If I attempt sufficient (don’t have the time nor persistence to sweat it out), can compete in Elite however my cushty Div is 1 or 2)

I’ve additionally listened to sufficient podcasts, professionals and FUT analysts to realize that the GK response stat in-recreation is a critical contributor to how your keeper performs. Pope as an example is 76, Courtois 84 and among the very best rated are Yashin 94 (92 reactions), Cech 90 (90 response in-recreation stat). I’ve used 6’5 Cech (90) and I’ve observed him beneathneath common even to the likes of Pope 88 and Courtois (90).

So bringing all of it returned,

a) What are your reviews of GK peak?

b) How vital is the in-recreation response stat?

c) What different vital in-recreation stats make contributions to an “above-common” keeper?

DomagojDoc advised that Everything you have stated is quite tons spot on and it is steady with maximum GKs in recreation that stats+peak+reactions+composure is what makes a GK fantastic on this recreation.

You also are accurate approximately Cech - his stats blend need to make him the quality GK in recreation. No different keeper has that insane peak+reactions+stats blend. You can theorize that, considering that maximum of those elite GKs have a chunk better agility+stability that is probably the cause what makes the distinction however Cech EVEN HAS THAT! He even has jumping+power better than nearly anyone else.

If you desired a really perfect GK card he has all of it.

It's simply unexplainable. Maybe the careful with crosses trait is what kills the card, messes with AI? Idk in reality.

I mean, he isn't always awful, he might be a pinnacle five or near pinnacle five GK in recreation, however nevertheless underwhelming.

A very, excellent indicator if GK is right is simply universal revel in of humans the use of him in recreation. A beneficial perception into that is the like/dislike ratio on Futbin and to buy FUT 23 Coins from it safe? Yes, occasionally gamers get dislike bombed or overhyped, however it in reality does assist you paint a picture. Some of the quality GKs in recreation have a excellent want to dislike ratio on Futbin. For instance, I've been in reality loving Centurion Szczesny and as you could see on Futbin he has like nearly nine to at least one want to dislike ratio which may be very uncommon thinking about how crap GKs are on this recreation and what kind of it pisses humans off.

Appreciate your comments and mind anyone and glad gambling.