​A TBC Prepatch perspective


AV Ban Waves... A TBC Prepatch perspective. After seeing most of these AV Ban's going thru I simply desired to percentage my revel in with this difficulty... But from the TBC PrePatch!

Remember returned while all the ones sparkling Paladins (Horde) and Shamans (Alliance) had simply dinged 60 after being boosted and so every person once more in AV or doing Naxx GDKP's? Well I do pretty vividly as throughout this time it became the very last arrangements for the World 1st Race for a number of us.

A lot people had our pre-questing all performed and geared up WoW WoTLK Classic gold so we might be lvl61/sixty two at release and so we had been both supporting others get the final gadgets they wanted or absolutely had been having amusing with the prepatch.

Well I determined to assist the Paladins get any Honor Gear they wanted...

BiS Mitigation/Threat Warrior queing up AV's with 2HPaladins 1RShammy and a Hunter. Our aim became to constantly rush Van and take AS+N+S and shield till we had like three-four DPS then we should pull Vann no matter what number of Marshals. The purpose for that is due to the fact we cared best approximately the honour in step with hour. We desired to tools every person as rapid as viable and short wins had been beating out expecting bunkers to burn.

Now attempt explaining that every recreation in your fellow Horde. That does not cross over so nicely while the bulk of the group thinks or desires to play Defense or recap or farm kills. When this takes place you begin to get focused for AFK.

After doing AV for approximately 5days immediately and getting some thing like 10 Paladins absolutely Honored Geared incase no success with Naxx/AQ40/BWL/WBoss loot I became performed and determined to begin running on my 2d Warrior.

Tuesday comes alongside and I visit log onto my Main Account best to locate you've got got been suspended for 30days. Well wtf is that approximately what have I performed to warrant a 30days ban. Oh you had been AFKing in BG's this is tremendous.

During the ones 5days of AV did I step farfar from the pc or alt tab and consequently omit a person recapping Aid Station or North/South? Yes 100%.

Was this some thing that came about ALL the time? No.

Did you attraction the ban? Yes and that attraction went proper into the void.

Due to this ban I needed to reroll to my 2d Warrior if I desired to take part withinside the World 1st Race AND bust my ass off getting all of the pre-questing and final couple gadgets he did not have.

This equal component goes to manifest once more throughout Cata prepatch. You may have a group of freshly boosted lvl80's so as to be spamming AV to get a complete set of honor tools which can be simply dashing to AS/Bunkers and "protecting" as a way to cause this vicious cycle going on throughout once more.

If you're gonna provide out 30day or maybe those ridiculous 6month bans for "PvP Non-Participation/Exploitation" you then definately ought to have a group this is virtually in price of reviewing those claims. Blizzard claims they do however on the stop of the day matters of this nature best appear to be delivered to mild while it influences the hundreds that is what's going on now. I attempted to carry this to mild throughout the TBC prepatch however to no avail.

Maybe now with this going on to greater of you some thing will trade.