​About NBA 2K23 Player-Lock


Player-Lock Is A Gold Mine Straight Out Of The Box. I'm now no longer an extremist and I do not rush to overexaggerate - however in no way has there been a 2K sport that IMMEDIATELY starting the container you put your controller settings to Player-Lock... and your teammates ACTUALLY run the offense to the supermegacelebrity CPU gamers for your crew all... the... time ( nba 2k23 mt and the CPU supermegacelebrity teammate ACTUALLY EXECUTE) like they do in 2K23!

Typically even after a entire roster overhaul in case you Player-Lock you continue to ought to regulate the playbook, the tendencies, and many others. and many others. and many others. simply to get the crew to run the offense thru successfully or even then they may best have thirteen shot tries for the entire sport (I bear in mind I become going up towards MJ withinside the playoffs in 2k22, I set EVERY play of their playbook to stop with the SG getting the shot.

Mid-range, High submit, Low submit, the entirety... MJ completed the sport with 12 photographs whilst Scottie Pippen had 35 factors on 22 photographs lmao infuriating to mention the least).

THIS YEAR - I participant-locked Dwyane Wade whilst having Allen Iverson & Hakeem The Dream on my crew simply to peer if the crew might run offense thru at the least ONE of them.

I had 26 as Wade... Hakeem completed with 30 factors and 14 rebs.... Iverson completed with 38 LMAO. AI3 become in COMPLETE gtfo of my manner mode and whenever Hakeem touched the ball (thirteen/18 photographs) we wasn't giving it up. No wasted touches from him. Everyone else on our crew become checked out as a position participant - in case you're open you get the shot, if now no longer, it'll Iverson, Hakeem, or Wade.

We performed towards the 2004 Lakers (desired to peer how Kobe performed and watch Hakeem vs. Shaq) and Shaq wasn't backing down from Hakeem at all, 35/15 simply matching jam for jam, rebound for rebound.

Kobe become the identical Kobe of that yr.... refusing to move down, positioned up a whopping forty three factors. three after three, jumper after jumper, pump-faux submit-up, off the glass financial institution photographs. In the very last four mins of the sport aleven though.... Kobe went COMPLETELY AWAY from Shaq lmao like actually looking the 2004 Finals towards Detroit, Kobe become looking to keep the day (now no longer pretty sufficient aleven though, he ignored the sport tying shot with 20 seconds left and it become all loose throws for us after that).

The CPU teammate A.I. is ABSURDLY geared toward strolling performs to get the excellent gamers at the courtroom docket the ball... and it is simply attractive to watch.

I were given stuck dozing so tough (Player-Locking LeBron) simply looking Carmelo Anthony dancing up and breaking down Larry Hughes that JR Smith ran unguarded in the back of me up for an open byskip withinside the huge open paint for an clean jam - I paused the sport and set free a GIANT "WOWWW" due to the fact I become stuck absolutely ball-looking Melo lmao.

I've performed nearly 10 video games like those thus far wherein the celebs are stars, even on YOUR crew whilst you AREN'T controlling them while not having to continuously run performs for them or pressure feed them the ball or maybe forcing them to shoot... and it is simply tremendous to experience like in case you're lucky sufficient to get an All-Star for your crew in a franchise mode of cheap mt 2k23 on MMOexp... it WILL make a distinction.... FINALLY.

What's your revel in been like? Who are you participant-locking and what are you looking to get accomplished?

Win Iverson a hoop as a teammate? Drop "X" participant into Eighties to assist get Jordan over the hump towards the stacked Celtics? Playing as rookie Magic and looking Kareem simply run roughshod over the 80s? Playing MyCareer and your supermegacelebrity teammate is dominating and supporting you get to the playoffs? Let us realize!