All contact dunk necessities in NBA 2K23 (2023)


The contact dunk prerequisites in NBA 2K23 aren't exceptionally difficult for players to comprehend. Notwithstanding, it assumes a vital part in concluding how great your made person is while endeavoring dunks. Various variations of the well known scoring strategy are accessible in the game.

Contact dunks are among the hardest kind with regards to scoring achievement. While the pace of pulling it off effectively is high, you'll frequently have a safeguard challenging your endeavor. Additionally, the prerequisites should be satisfied before your in-game person can endeavor it.

Fortunately, the framework 2K Games has followed is essentially equivalent to in earlier years. Additionally, it hasn't been many changes since the game's send off the last year Fall.

NBA 2K23 players should meet all the contact dunk prerequisites before they can endeavor a move

There are different contact dunk necessities that NBA 2K23 players should meet. It starts with an essential one that empowers your in-game person to endeavor a dunk in any case. The choices you then make with respect to the contact dunk prerequisites will figure out which types you can execute in the game.

Expert Contact Dunks: Requires 84+ Driving Dunk, 70+ VerticalPro Back street Oop: Requires 70+ Driving Dunk, 60+ VerticalElite Contact Dunks: Requires 92+ Driving Dunk, 80+ VerticalElite Rear entryway Oop: Requires 85+ Driving Dunk, 60+ VerticalSmall Contact Dunks: Requires 86+ Driving Dunk, 85+ Vertical, Level under 6'5″Pro Bigman Contact Dunks: Requires 80+ Standing Dunk, 65+ Vertical, level 6'10" or above.Elite Bigman Standing Contact Dunks: Requires 90+ Standing Dunk, 75+ Vertical, level 6'10" or above.

The World class Contact and Tip top Bigman Standing will quite often be the most well known ones, taking everything into account. Whenever you have made the previously mentioned contact dunk necessities, there ought not be any issues when you endeavor to execute them in the game.

How to do contact dunks in NBA 2K23?

Opening the contact dunk necessities is only one piece of the assignment. The following position for you will be to execute it in the game. Doing so is very basic, however it requires a mix of two buttons to be squeezed at the same time.

While driving towards the edge, hold the R2/RT button.Hold the X/A button.

Discharge the buttons when the meter is green to make the ideal dunk. While endeavoring it, make sure to see in the event that there's a rival on the paint. You will not have the option to play out a contact dunk in the event that another person is on the paint, and this framework hasn't changed since the game sent off.

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