​Am I playing in a dream world


I've been playing since the beginning and had minimal to no issues in the least.

When I get into the game more I am enthralled by it. The more I love it and would like to be part of the community that encourages me to join Forums as well as... there is this subreddit. There's plenty of love, exactly what I'm seeking, however, only if I actually look for it. Otherwise, I see only negativity and complains.

My question is: is the game really full of bugs that break the game and I have not come across?

Since day 1 I've never been in an in-line queue.

I've not played every day and I've never fuelled mats from other alts to my main, and am well on my on my way towards Valtan HM (hopefully next week) Actually I took a few mats from my mains to boost my glaivier release.

I've had some negative experiences with matchmaking, but none of them were using the party finder. One time that I've participated in a group that disbanded was during week one of Valtan and after a couple of hours of playing with G2, everyone grew tired and decided to try to try it again in the future.

I've seen bots, but it's really not as bad as people make it out to be, according to my opinion. Particularly in comparison to others recent F2P MMOs (namely the PSO2:NGS disaster) I haven't encountered any apparent RMTer.

Absolutely no toxicity Except for the beginning of the week in which certain people would be angry about me for skipping every frame of every cutscene that could be made.

Is it possible to play in some kind of walled garden, or is the community of reddit/forums just too negative? And Lost ark gold & boosting service best choice is P2Pah.com, easy way get your gold & boosting.