Any Information on Body art designs in 2k18

Any NBA 2K18 MT Coins Information on Body art designs in 2k18? Wondering if custom/random players beyond our MyPlayer will have tattoos: either arbitrarily produced or used for development packages.

I'm fed up with getting to like 2020 in MyCareer or MyLeague/MyGM and having an NBA with extremely few tattoos. They go away entirely in like 2038.

I'm expected to be able to take this myleague for 80 rattling decades right? Is that what the group is really going to look like 2k?

If 2k18 does not modify that in any way I'm not going to buy it and I'm going to begin a major customized MyL venture in 2k17. Probably also wait until Dec for Live. Let me know if you know.

We have not had any news on anything other than the protect. And I query they'll be major with tattoo news.

Makes feeling. I'll come back in right before it comes out when everything grateful this activity isn't going to have a monopoly any longer genuinely.

Due to a damaged information file, is there a way capture up? My information file got damaged and need to do a whole new MyPlayer.

I was only halfway through my novice season, however I grinded all the rattling exercises and was balling out. I had just split a 70 overall ranking and was before group moments sensible.

Must I smash it all over again just to get to where I was? Can I imitate the activities and get exp to stage my guy up to halfway through the season? I really don't want to have to listen to it all over again.

After it told you that your gamer information file was damaged what did you do?

Loaded the activity, said my information file was damaged, and loaded a bit more and then was at the develop a gamer screen. I murdered the activity and have not shifted it since.

Is there a way I may be able to get better my player?

Clearing the regional helps you to save is safe...Just don't obvious the preserve information. Cleaning regional community is the comparative to removing your gamertag and re-downloading it.

When you start NBA 2K MT support after clearing it your activity will just obtain your previous customer information.


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