Stepping out from the shadows that once clouded them, the Dark Master's Blood Searchers plunge in to go after unsuspecting mortals. Their ravenous appetites have developed — the Season of Blood will soon ooze throughout Sanctuary!

Dare to look fanged destruction in the face and send it back Screw a new Season Excursion, Questline, Season Event, deadly blood-driven foes, Battle Pass, and more. Besides, new Uber Endgame bosses have arrived in Sanctuary to increase the variety of endgame activities in Diablo IV. These havoc-wreaking bosses are hard to topple however can drop Extraordinary items and Beauty care products found no place else. We're shedding light on all the grisly details — read on for a comprehensive look at Season of Blood's contents.

Beginning with Season of Blood, players will currently have the option to avoid the Campaign after completing the Missing Pieces quest from the Preamble on the Seasonal Realm. Choosing to do so will allow you to bounce directly into content from Season of Blood.


From the beginning, they targeted small hamlets, descending upon insignificant prey and tearing into their jugular — a most grisly death to befall someone. However at that point their ambitions developed, and they became messy, avaricious. That's when expression of dubious vampire activity met your ears, wanderer.

Magistrate Oren, the distraught leader of a town badly plagued by these bloodthirsty assailants, needs your assistance in investigating the new slew of murders. Enter Sanctuary's vampire-infested underside in a new Questline, enlist the capable vampire hunter Erys to your cause, and find the sinister plot of the Dark Master behind everything.

Your monstrous new adversaries are not a typical demonic disturbance and expect you to harness their Vampiric Powers with the aid of new Pact Armor. You should unleash your newfound power on its originators in a most heartless display to settle them. Only then may Sanctuary be really safe for a spell.

Embark on this new Questline by heading over to Ked Bardu. Speak to Oren and he will set you off on the Blood Money quest.


Driving a stake into the heart of the Dark Master's plan will expect you to use their same savagery — Vampiric Powers. What was once a forbidden art shall turn into Sanctuary's salvation. In any case, to use it, you're going to require blood, Potent Blood. Acquired from fallen adversaries, Potent Blood can be spent in the Vampiric Powers tab within the Character menu to open a random power or power upgrade. Vampiric Powers can also be unlocked by completing the Seasonal Questline and from the Blood Harvest Seasonal Event. We'll cover the latter in detail later.

After learning a Vampiric Power, you can burn through Potent Blood in the powers tab to take its strength to a higher Level. Each power can be upgraded to a maximum of Level 3 and up to five powers can be prepared to your character at a time. At the point when you float over a Vampiric Power, you'll see it displays anywhere between 1-3 images and numbers — these are called Pacts and the number is their associated cost. This is where Pact Armor becomes an integral factor.

Unpack Your Vampire Power Through Pact Armor

There are three Pact types in total. Using the above image for reference, from left to right, they are called Ferocity, Divinity, and Eternity. Watch out for Chest armor, Pants, Gloves, Boots, and Helms containing Pacts that drop during Season of Blood because they are expected to activate your Vampiric Powers. Once you have both Pact Armor and Vampiric Powers prepared, you'll have to guarantee that the armor you're wearing gives Pacts that match the activation cost recorded on the power.

We should involve the above Legendary Gloves as an example. They give 1 Ferocity, 1 Divinity, and 1 Eternity Pacts. In the event that you have a Vampiric Power that requires 1 Ferocity to activate, this thing alone covers the prerequisite, and you actually have 1 Divinity and 1 Eternity available. Assuming you prepare a second Vampiric Power that requires both 1 Divinity and 1 Eternity to activate, the boots actually give an adequate number of Pacts to activate the two powers.

Customize Pact Armor to Your Needs

You could not always have armor with the right Pacts to activate the Vampiric Powers in your collection. The Dark Master's servants have contrived two kinds of items to cure this situation: standalone Pacts and Cleansing Acids.

Standalone Pacts are utilized to add a particular kind of Pact to a thing of your decision (this can only be done in the event that the maximum amount of that Pact type isn't already on that thing). Cleansing Acids are utilized to eliminate Pacts from a thing.

These crafting items can be pried from the grasp of Blood Searchers, as well as acquired from the Blood Harvest Season event, Season Excursion, Lavish Coffins, and through the new Questline. Utilize these tools to guarantee you always have Pact Armor that matches the Vampiric Powers you might want to utilize.

Bleed New Blood into Your Build

Now that you've learned of Vampiric Powers and Pact Armor, we should look at the 22 Vampiric Powers available in Season of Blood. All Classes can employ any Vampiric Power, and in doing in this way, they will shape your character into a vampire-killing machine. Will you try to expand your collection of powers or concentrate your assets on maxing out a handful of them?

The new Vampiric Curse watchword has been added to supplement these terrifying powers. Look out for it as you read about each power.

Vampiric Curse: Killing an adversary affected by your Vampiric Curse stores their spirit. Casting a Cautious, Macabre, or Agility Expertise will unleash stored spirits to attack nearby foes. You can hold up to 8 spirits.


Home to the most elevated chance for receiving Potent Blood and Pact Armor drops is the Blood Harvest Seasonal Event. With a wave of his hand, the Dark Master has dispatched cunning Blood Searchers with armies of vampires to conquest the Dry Steppes, Hawezar, and Scosglen regions of Sanctuary, imprisoning its inhabitants and causing pandemonium.

Putting adversaries to the blade during Bounties, bursting Blood Blisters, completing World Events, disrupting vampiric rituals, and freeing prisoners, will earn you some Reputation. With Reputation, you'll climb Levels containing valuable rewards, for example, crafting materials, Items, and Pact consumables.

Inside the Blood Harvest, you'll have the chance to acquire Blood Draws, which summon Blood Searchers for you to extinguish. You can also utilize any Searcher Keys you find to free prisoners of the Dark Master's army or on Searchers Caches to get Pact Armor, Pact Consumables, and Potent Blood.

Crush the Dark Master's Army in New Events

There will also be new World Events and Dungeon Events where you can take on more Blood Searchers and other vampire troopers as well. The dark master's army calls some of Sanctuary's Dungeons home — dive into their profundities to see what mysteries lie in wait.


Reinforcements from the darkest profundities of the Burning Hells take hold of Sanctuary, ushering in a new era of death and wanton obliteration. This batch of Uber trouble Endgame bosses is not for the faint of heart, but rather the chance to receive Remarkable items and Cosmetic items awaits the individuals who muster the courage to stand against them. Each supervisor has a variety of Novel items they can drop, with some of those being exclusive to only that chief. The same goes for the special Cosmetic items they can potentially drop.

You can test your hand at slaying these unattractive abominations in the Eternal or Seasonal Realms starting in World Tier III, with much more intense experiences awaiting you in World Tier IV. These enemies will only grant you an audience based on their conditions.

Below is a list of the bosses and the requirements to experience them.

Gregoire, The Galvanic Saint (World Tier III and IV): You must gather sufficient Living Steel from the Tortured Offering in Helltide. In addition to Remarkable items that can only drop from Grigoire, you also have a chance to receive the Demonbinder Mount Armor Cosmetic.

Echo of Varshan (World Tier III and IV): Defeat Unusual Debt holders during Whispers of the Dead for a chance to receive parts of Varshan's body. The Tree of Whispers assortments — gained from turning in Grim Favors — guarantee a part of Varshan's body. When you have an adequate number of parts, including a Malignant Heart in the event that you're playing on World Tier IV, you can summon Varshan. The Tissue Weld Pole Prize has a chance to drop from this manager in addition to Novel items that can only drop from Varshan.

The Beast in the Ice (World Tier IV): Gather Distilled Fear while completing Tier 30 or higher Nightmare Dungeons. After you have enough, visit the Occultist and craft the Glacial Fissure Nightmare Sigil, activate it, and then you can battle The Beast in the Ice. The Skull Light and Fell Horse Mount Prizes can potentially drop from this chief, in addition to Special items exclusive to it.

Dark Master (World Tier IV): Defeat a World Supervisor on World Tier IV or complete an Army Occasion. From these activities, you'll acquire Exquisite Blood. When you have enough, you'll have the option to summon the Dark Master. The Diadem of the Ancient Helm Cosmetic can potentially drop from this chief, in addition to Extraordinary items exclusive to it.

Echo of Duriel (World Tier IV): Defeat both Grigoire, The Galvanic Saint, and Varshan in World Tier IV to gather Mucus-Smooth Eggs and Shards of Agony. When you have enough, you'll have the option to summon the Ruler of Pain, Duriel! Out of this gathering of Bosses, Duriel is the only one who has a chance to drop Uber Novel items. The smoldering Brimstone Mount can also potentially drop from this chief.

Remember that:

You'll have to meet the summoning states of a supervisor each time you want to battle it, so clutch any additional summoning materials that you might acquire during your travels.


As you chase down Ruler Zir's acolytes with Erys and open the privileged insights of your newfound Vampiric Powers, you'll earn rewards from the Season Journey and Battle Pass.

The Season Journey is broken into Chapters with tasks to complete. As you progress through the Journey, you'll earn rewards befitting Sanctuary's defenders, for example, new Legendary Aspects, the Salmagundi mount, Strips and Points mount armor, and 3 Looks of Amnesia, which give a free Expertise Tree and Paragon Board reset. The Journey also gives Favor — the asset used to climb through the Battle Pass' Tiers — which can also be earned naturally by playing aspects of the game.

Douse Your Wanderer in Sanguine Styles

The Season of Blood Battle Pass begins on October 17, 10 a.m. PDT, and hosts 90 Tiers — 27 Complementary plans and 63 Premium Tiers.

Assuming you get the Premium Battle Pass, not exclusively will the rewards of the Complementary plans be yours to use, however Awoken Armor Sets, Endlessly mount Armor, Platinum, and more also await you. For example, the Famished Pure breed mount opens at Tier 1 and Awoken Marrow cosmetics opens at various higher Tiers. In the event that you choose to embrace the bloody madness and get the Accelerated Seasonal Battle Pass, you'll also receive 20 Tier Skips and the Vampire's Rest emote.

Smoldering Ashes earned from the Complementary plans can be spent on Season Blessings that give supportive rewards to beat back Damnation's armies. There are five total Blessings to browse, three of which are new with Season of Blood:

Urn of Blood: Lift the Tracker's Acclaim you earn from Blood Harvest activities.

Urn of Helltides: Lift the chance to receive an extra equipment item from Helltide chests. The extra item will be of Legendary rarity or better.

Urn of Swift Travel: Lift how rapidly your Mount recuperates from sprinting.

The rewards gained from Season Blessings only last for the rest of Season of Blood.


With the Season of the Malignant coming to an end, we want to guarantee your hard-earned gear transfers to the Eternal Realm with you.

When Season of the Malignant finishes, all Seasonal characters will be transferred to the Eternal Realm. All items in that character's Season of the Malignant Stash will go into a new Withdraw Only Stash tab in the Eternal Realm. You have all of Season of Blood to withdraw any items you might want to keep from Season of the Malignant — any items left in the Withdraw Only Stash tab once Season of Blood closures will be unrecoverable.

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