​Buy Runescape F2P items with OSRS gold


There's a limit to the items you can get the chance to get as a F2P player on Old School Runescape, but there are some great OSRS items that are available. In this regard, there are some amazing items that can be obtained by signing up for a free account.

Rune Scimitar

This weapon will make its way onto the top of players' list of the top F2P weapons within Old School Runescape. There aren't many scenarios where this weapon isn't efficient. Its primary appeal is that it comes with the most powerful DPS for a F2P melee weapon. players can obtain it and is a low-cost option to have in addition.

If you're a F2P player If you are, you'll be able to purchase this Rune Scimitar from the Grand Exchange for a comparatively low cost. You can also make your own smith in the event that your smithing ability is at least 90.

The Full God Rune Armour

The armor set is extremely efficient if you can find it. It looks cool as well. It is possible to pick between Zamorak, Bandos, Guthix Saradomin Ancient, and Armadyl in terms of the armors that you can pick from. What makes this armor unique is the added prayer bonus of +4 that comes with it which is extremely useful in certain scenarios, such as PvP.

To obtain it, however, you're going to need to try and obtain it from The Grand Exchange if you are a F2P player. It is only available by using clue scrolls that are linked to the member's account.

The Rune Battleaxe

Moving on to weaponry This particular weapon has high damage, but a slower rate of a hit when compared to other options. The single-handed weapon is useful due to its power and still gives you the chance to have an arsenal of defense weapons with it. It is worth noting that its melee strength is 6 less than a double-handed rune sword, meaning you'll be able to enjoy the safety of having a defense weapon, too. Comparatively to that sword, you need to be aware that it is less precise. The decision on whether you're willing to take the risk when comparing two swords will ultimately determine which one is more suitable for you.

If you'd like to acquire this weapon, you first must be smithing up to 95 before you can get your own. You can also use an OSRS GP to buy one at the Grand Exchange.

Rune 2H Sword

It's an obvious development from the previous entry on the list. It is a weapon that is frequently used in PvP battles and is among the most powerful weapons throughout Old School Runescape. It also offers a less expensive option to Hill Giant Club, as it is a weapon with similar stats. The combo capabilities are extremely efficient, and you can change between it and a weapon that can be ranged without difficulty.

To acquire the Rune 2H Sword that you can claim as your own, you'll first have to master your smithing ability up to 99. Do not fret if you don't have time to engage in such things, since they are also available on the Grand Exchange. In terms of cost, you will not receive much value from 40000 OSRS gold. It's not going to be a financial burden So don't fret about finding an individual who has OSRS gold available for sale because you won't be required to purchase OSRS gold to be able to afford it.

Maple Shortbow

There are, of course, weapons that are ranged OSRS weapons that are worthy of being included on this list. And the Maple Shortbow certainly earns its place on the list. It's a great weapon for PvP, and also to work on your skills to bring them at par. It is not necessary to be at least level 30 in order to get it and it's able to fire an array of arrows that can reach adamant also. In terms of what you get, it's very competitive in terms of value. You won't spend a lot in OSRS gold to purchase one of these, for sure and that's amazing when you consider what this bow is capable of when compared to the Twisted bows.

If you're looking to purchase your personal Maple Shortbow, then you can buy one from the Grand Exchange. They also have them for sale in Varrock at Lowe's Archery Emporium. If you're already a Runescape member, then you can also flytch this short bow with knives and maple logs. Whatever method you decide to use you'll be getting an awesome weapon.