​Cow High Rune Chance Check


I am fairly novice to the game. I was able to beat D2 2007 however, aside from playing for fun, I have never tried to become more involved in the game. I've recently taken up d2r and was wondering if anyone would mind confirming my maths in relation to Cow High Rune Chance. I made use of the drop calculator found in Maxroll for hell bovines (as this is my preferred grind place)









392 cows/run 5m/run

For 1 high rune

1 High Rune about every 935m(15.5hrs)

Did the same with 3 players.

The cow runs 114 times for one high rune for every 560m (9.5 hours)

Does this look like it is accurate? If so, what do you think of the chance of dropping?

My background to provide the context. I play Softcore/NL/Americas , and my Summon-Necro 89 is dressed in BIS equipment already.

But, I did not grind one of the Runes present in the gear. It was essentially handed to me by an acquaintance. Drops generally haven't been for me as important and I only play lightly. I've attempted trading and it's been quite a miserable experience. There is nothing in the game that resembles the stream I have seen on YouTube. Therefore, I'm simply storing up all the d2r items that come up.

I was given an enigma/Hoto/shako/mara/soj/Bk/torch. I farmed out my homunculus/magefist/marrowwalk/mesh/spirit/insight/shaftstop/visage/GCs/Gheeds/SCs.

Now I'm trying to build/acquire a Fort/Beast/anni in order to complete my building. This isn't a huge deal for me, but I can't resist the urge to know more about the drop system of this game. In the last four weeks, the only thing I could remember was that HR is rare, because I've only found one. I am aware that the anni originates from a dclone. It's just a matter.

I'm also wishing that the command /players was in bnet, since I love playing with my friends, however, I generally don't like playing with random players except when it's baal-related. Here i recommend a great d2r items & d2r ladder items online shop - P2Pah.com, hope you like.