Crafting in Throne and Liberty: A Comprehensive Guide


Today we are going to dive into the world of crafting in the highly anticipated game Throne and Liberty. Before we get started, here is a tip for players: it is in full swing, buy the best Throne and Liberty materials and Throne and Liberty Lucent from MMOexp, join the wave and conquer the Dark World. I want to introduce you to the crafting tips in the game. Many of you asked about crafting and life skills in the comments, let's focus on crafting in Throne and Liberty.

Crafting in Throne and Liberty: A Comprehensive Guide

Does Crafting Exist in Throne and Liberty?

Yes, crafting does exist in Throne and Liberty! Let me show you. If I open my main user interface by pressing escape, you will find the crafting option in the upper part. What can you craft? The better question is, what can't you craft? The game offers an insane amount of gear, accessories, food, and other items.

Crafting Interface

The user interface for crafting is absolutely amazing. The developers at NCSoft have done an excellent job, not only with the crafting UI but also with the overall look of the game. Throne and Liberty truly feels like a real PC MMORPG. The map of the world is beautiful, and you can check out dedicated videos on my YouTube channel for reviews, combat, PvP, and PvE guides.

What Can You Craft?

Let's get back to crafting. You can craft various weapons, including great swords, swords, daggers, crossbows, long bows, staffs, wands, and even magical items. There are different types of weapons in the game, each with unique qualities and materials required for crafting.

For example, in the open world, I collected a rare material called Mistwood. You can gather various materials in the open world, which are essential for crafting high-quality items.

Weapons and Armor

You can craft different types of armor, each suited to different playstyles. Whether you prefer magical or physical weapons, aiming for critical hits, or maximizing damage, your choice of armor will depend on your strategy. For example, you might craft armor with high mana regeneration if you frequently run out of mana.


You can also craft accessories such as bracelets, rings, and belts. Accessories can significantly boost your character's stats and performance in battles.

Food and Potions

Crafting food and potions is also possible. Some food items boost your attack or defense temporarily, which can be very useful in tough battles. Potions are vital for survival, and you can craft various types to suit your needs.


Additionally, you can craft skill books to enhance your abilities. These materials may be challenging to obtain, but they are worth the effort to improve your character's skills.

How to Craft

Crafting in Throne and Liberty is straightforward. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started:

1. Gather Materials: Collect materials from the open world, missions, and quests. Some rare materials may require extra effort to obtain.

2. Visit Crafting NPCs: Go to weapon crafters, armor crafters, and accessory crafters located in various parts of the game world.

3. Select Items to Craft: Choose the items you want to craft based on your needs and available materials.

4. Craft and Equip: Craft the items and equip them to see the changes in your character's appearance and stats.


Crafting in Thrones and Liberty is a highly developed and essential aspect of the game. From weapons and armor to accessories and potions, you can craft a variety of items to enhance your character's performance. In future guides, I will provide detailed instructions on gathering materials and crafting specific items. In order to save your time and avoid wasting too much effort to experience new content, you can buy cheap TL Lucent on MMoexp with competitive prices, instant delivery, professional services and security guarantee.