​D2R - We could test no immunes on PTR


Because we have an additional server, I'd like to try removing immunities to see if players like it or think it's a huge change. This wouldn't affect the live version of the game.

Please correct me if wrong , but when I think about it, I can see them making weaker builds worse , while spells of S tier builds such as Hammerdin, FoH almost don't need to be concerned. Sorc and Pala are the most popular ladders. I agree with the assertion the killing of monsters can be much more fun than just skipping them.

If Hell is too simple (ppl have already said it) I'd think about nerfing those S level spells. Maybe this would make bow and melee builds more effective and worthy of testing since they're often in a struggle without powerful d2r items.

Immunities can be described as helpful to make use of more than one skill. Then why is the game controlled by two of the best players?

You will witness here in response to your suggestion.

1. People may make assumptions about you or your behavior to make a an unintentional comment without base in reality that doesn't even address the issue.

2. Some people will claim that this game isn't too difficult, but simultaneously claiming that immunity makes the game more challenging.

The most important thing to remember is this. Immunities are one of the main causes of issue in how the game was able to end up following many years of poor patches that raise the difficulty because of a lack in the programming skills.

Diablo 2 is a game focused on killing mobs to obtain loot. The game we are playing now is a game that is about obtaining an item that will allow you to stay out of the game and instead farm your chosen mobs.

Every single thing that require fixing are the ones that all the purists detest... such as the 10 second timer for reuse on teleports, higher drop rates on regular mobs, and the elimination of immunities. This could force people to actually play, rather than to teleport through everything since it's just not enough time to kill them.

I was able to watch the game evolve into what it is now. It wasn't always the way it is today, despite what purists say.