Dark and Dark: 7 Mistakes Beginners Should Avoid


"Dark and Darker" offers an engaging dungeon-crawling experience that combines PvE and PvP elements. New players, however, may encounter some pitfalls that can hinder their progress and enjoyment. Here are seven common mistakes to avoid to ensure a smoother experience:


1. Don't Use The Starter Gear


The free starting equipment provided to new players is subpar and makes surviving dungeon runs difficult. Instead, look for affordable upgrades from merchants or team up with higher-level players to gather better gear.

2. Don't Buy Expensive Bandages At First


Early in the game, prioritize upgrading gear over spending money on costly bandages. The Surgeon merchant offers cheaper bandages that are more cost-effective for beginners.


3. Don't Buy Pricey Potions In The Early Game


Similar to bandages, the Alchemist merchant provides two grades of potions. Opt for the cheaper potions initially until you have better equipment. Certain classes, like the Cleric, can self-heal and may not need potions or bandages as urgently.


4. Don't Start Out Queuing In Lobbies With High-Level Players


Avoid joining lobbies with high-level players who may be geared to the teeth. These players can dominate lower-level players in PvP, making it hard to progress. Look for lobbies with players at a similar level.


5. Don't Trust Crouch Spamming


Crouch spamming is often used by players to signal vulnerability or peaceful intent, but it can be a trap. Approach crouching players with caution as some may use it to lure you into an ambush.


6. Don't Put Off Unlocking The Trader


Unlocking the Trader is crucial for player-to-player trades and can offer good deals on items and gear. Upgrading your account to legendary status, which requires 15 Redstone Shards, unlocks this feature. Investing in this upgrade early can be beneficial.


7. Don't Hoard Rare And Epic Items


It's tempting to keep rare and epic items, but if they aren't useful to you, sell them through the Trader to generate income for upgrades and consumables, and get more Dark And Darker Gold. Trading items can be very profitable, aiding in your overall progression.


By avoiding these common mistakes, new players can enjoy a more effective and rewarding gameplay experience in "Dark and Darker." For more detailed strategies and tips, you can check out guides on platforms like MMOexp.