​Dark and Darker: How to Revive


Crawling through prisons is dangerous business, and there's a chance that either you or one of your party individuals won't make it out alive. Somebody will surrender the phantom, whether that's to another player or a skeleton (or other foul beast). Whatever the reason, you'll want to know how to revive in Dark and Darker.

How to Revive in Dark and Darker

Use the Altar of Resurrection

The most well-known way to revive in Dark and Darker is to use the Altar of Resurrection. It's one of the five shrine types that can be experienced inside a prison. Note that the cycle will remove your very own portion of health, transferring it to your brought-down teammate. This is the way to use it:

Approach a fallen teammate.

Remove their chestplate.

Pick up the Soul Heart of that player and place it in your inventory.

Approach and interact with the closest Altar of Resurrection.

Place the Soul Heart of the fallen player onto the altar.

Run the Cleric Class

The Cleric is the main class in Dark and Darker that can revive players without the Altar of Resurrection. You should prepare the Memorial Advantage to do so.

The Composition perk allows you to revive teammates with 25% of their health, which is significantly more than the Altar of Resurrection allows. Clerics may use the Altar of Resurrection in the same way as any other class, however, they won't sacrifice their own HP to bring players back.

Follow these steps to revive a player using the Cleric class:

Approach the fallen teammate.

Cast the Requiem spell.

Hold the cast button until the spell fully charges.

The spell may take between 20 to 30 seconds to cast, yet assuming that you release the cast button, the spell may not finish. Continue to hold it until your teammate completely restores. Also, do whatever it takes not to move or get the Spirit Heart while casting the spell, as this may interfere with the interaction.

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