​Diablo 4: A Complete Guide to Hawezar (Hawezar Map)


This complete map of Hawezar Diablo 4 players can reference includes everything expected to complete the Hawezar map.

Hawezar is traditionally the final zone in Diablo 4, as it's the main zone for Act 5 and 6 and doesn't scale with players' level until around level 40. Hawezar is divided between the antagonistic rises of the south, rich wildernesses in the northwest, and bewitching Hawezar Swamp in the northeast, home to the Tree of Murmurs.

Zarbinzet is this zone's main center, strategically placed right close to the zone's World Boss arena. When players reach Hawezar, the finish of Diablo 4 is in sight, however players will turn out to be all too familiar with the Hawezar map thanks to the Murmur Cache framework. However, even past the swamp and its many secrets, there's a lot to do to reach full fruition of the Hawezar Map.

All Altars of Lilith in Hawezar

Altars of Lilith are important to gather because they grant a ton of capacity to players, however the incremental rewards probably won't seem like a lot of in the occasion. By collecting all 160 Altars of Lilith in Diablo 4, players can get a permanent lift to their main stats, Paragon Points, and Max Obols on all characters. When found, they needn't bother with to be found again, and alts will profit from the stat helps from Level 1.

The total number of Altars of Lilith in Hawezar is 34, and of all the maps in Diablo 4, the Hawezar Map could have the most even circulation of Altars. There's not really a "fastest" way to gather all of these but to start from either entrance and work your way around the map, skipping the northwestern stretch that is without Altars completely.

Hawezar Map Dungeon Locations

Dungeons in Diablo 4 are not quite the same as dungeons in past Diablo games. Never again do players investigate a completely randomized layout, nor do the plummet through levels (and loading screens) to get to various areas of a dungeon. Instead, each Dungeon has a particular goal, foe types, and just a semi-randomized layout. Be that as it may, they are one of the game's most important side goals thanks to Nightmare Dungeons being attached to Glyphs, and the Aspects they reward upon first culmination.

There are a total of 23 side Dungeons in Hawezar, and fortunately a great deal of them are clustered very near one another. In the actual focus of the map, at the Ruins of Rakhat Keep, players will find three right close to each other. The same is valid only south of the Crusader's Landmark, and just to the west of Zarbinzet there's a group of five or six that make for easy Aspect assortment.

All Strongholds In The Hawezar Map

All area maps in Diablo 4 are home to three Strongholds, no more, no less. However each Fortress rewards a lump of Fame and oftentimes a Waypoint, a few Dungeons are also just accessible once an associated Fortification has been brought down. Strongholds can be completed once (for the present), so it's really smart to save them for World Level 4 because of the constrained +2 level contrast, which grants more XP.

The three Strongholds in Hawezar are the Crusader's Landmark to the west, Eriman's Fire in the northwest, and Vyeresz in the south. Completing the Crusader's Landmark is necessary to access the Bastion of Faith, Eriman's Fire should be beaten to access the Blankness dungeon, and Vyeresz should be completed to access the Shadowed Dive.

Where To Find Every Hawezar Waypoint

Waypoints in Diablo 4 ought to be a player's main need in tackling each of the game's five zones. They make getting around Estuar a whole lot faster, and they give a smidgen of a lift to Eminence as well - 20 apiece, to be exact.

Like Kehjistan, there are less Waypoints in Hawezar than the Fractured Peaks, Scosglen, or Dry Steppes, numbering only six in total. They are placed pretty equally across the entire zone, so completing the Hawezar map can be made significantly more effective by prioritizing these Waypoints over other targets first.

Hawezar Cellar Locations

Cellars dab the landscape of Sanctuary in Diablo 4 as short, one-room side adventures that players can take on. More often than not, Cellars just make players defeat a crowd of foes for a regular Chest as a reward, however what exactly players face inside a Cellar can be randomized, to a broaden. Occasions with Mastery rewards are normal, too, and there's even a chance for special spawns like Treasure Goblins to appear instead of an experience.

There are a total of 29 Cellars in Hawezar, the majority of which are found within a minute's ride of the coastline that stretches across its southern and eastern boundaries. It's anything but a bad idea to start from the entrance from Kehjistan and head east and stay about a screen away from the coastline until you reach Backwater.

This ought to reveal the vast majority of the cellars on the way. Then, head north and crisscross through the Swamp, then head west to finish up near the entrance to the Fractured Peaks.

World Boss Arena Location in Hawezar

There are five areas where World Bosses in Diablo 4 can spawn, one for each of the game's five major zones. Ashava the Pestilent, Avarice the Gold-Reviled, and Wandering Death spawn about once every six to seven hours in real-time at one of these five locations, featured about half an hour beforehand in-game. Players who want to get the week after week Grand Cache for killing all three ought to think about joining the official Diablo 4 Discord for spawn notifications.

The World Boss location in Hawezar is actually one of the game's most helpful, located only a short ride southeast from Zarbinzet. Called the Fields of Desecration, the Hawezar World Boss area is also encircled by Altar of Lilth, Cellars, and other side substance for Hawezar map finish - and it's a great starting point for the two Altars of Lilith and Cellars in Hawezar, too.

Unique Bosses In Hawezar Map

All maps in Diablo 4 are home to four first class, uniquely-named bosses with a smidgen of backstory implying a regional importance of some sort. These adversaries capability like other elites yet will always spawn in the same area and drop the same plunder - their Rare thing drops have flavor text, dissimilar to most Rares in Diablo 4, and will move on the same stat modifiers each time. With great rolls, these act as magnificent bases for Aspect imprinting.

The four unique bosses in Hawezar are Enkil, in the northeastern Rotspill Delta, Captain Willcocks in the Blightmarsh, the Trembling Mass in the central Fethis Wetlands, and Renn Dayne, in the northwestern Dismal Lower regions.

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