​Diablo 4 Details the Origins of the Prime Evils and Angiris Council


Blizzard unveils the first chapter of Diablo 4's lore series, narrated by Lorath Nahr, and featuring the key players of the Eternal Conflict.

A Blizzard tradition like no other, Diablo 4 has accepted its own personal animated lore series, with the first episode delving into the origins of the Burning Hells and the High Heavens, as well as introducing all its key players. Narrated by the gruff voice of Lorath Nahr, who also serves as the narrator and mentor character in Diablo 4, the Book of Lorath serves both as a refresher course for Diablo veterans, as well as a primer for franchise newcomers. The lore of Sanctuary and the greater Diablo universe is loaded up with interesting ideas, and fans are rejoicing that Blizzard Entertainment is finally putting those ideas to the forefront in Diablo 4.

According to the developers, the next Diablo installment is not simply the darkest story Blizzard has at any point told, but also the most story-driven Diablo game to date. Featuring in-game cutscenes that exude atmosphere, players have had a chance to see the first act of this tale through Diablo 4's open beta (and subsequent server slam event). Though the basic structure of the Fractured Peaks plot attempts to tell a standalone storyline, the experience benefits greatly from players knowing the full context of the events unfolding around them - this is where the recently released lore series comes in.

Drawn in a style familiar to each Diablo 3 player, the Book of Lorath takes players back to the earliest reference point of the Eternal Conflict, to a time before the existence of Sanctuary, when the mythical being Anu cast off his darker half Tathamet, and how their fateful clash resulted in the creation of the Angiris Council and the Prime Evils. Though Diablo 4 primarily deals with the legacy of Lilith and Inarius, the forces of the Great Heavens and the Burning Hells have shaped the playground where the story of Diablo 4 takes place in.

Represented by a lightning-struck tree, the split trunk branches out into the two cosmic forces of the Diablo universe: demons on the left, and angels on the right. Though Baal, Diablo, and Mephisto are all offered at least some respect, the Book of Lorath also makes sure to introduce viewers to Lilith as the mother of Sanctuary and the daughter of Mephisto. Conversely, despite the fact that Inarius isn't a member of the Angiris Council, but rather served under Tyrael's command prior to going rebel, he still holds a prominent place among the twisted branches of the tree. Rather fittingly, the branches of Inarius and Lilith connect, mending the gap that began with Anu and Tathamet, symbolizing their creation of Sanctuary.

The next chapter of the Book of Lorath will deal with the realm of Pandaemonium, the theft of the Worldstone, and the creation of Sanctuary. With developers confident Diablo 4 will be ready for its June launch, the Book of Lorath does a great work at drumming up excitement in the community, as well as illustrates one of the strongest aspects of Diablo 4's narrative: that Lorath Nahr is a worthy successor to Deckard Cain.

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