Diablo 4: Mother's Blessing Event



    Start: Initially planned to start around June 10, but was pushed live earlier due to player feedback.

    End: June 20


Event Highlights:

    XP and Gold Boosts: The Mother's Blessing event provides significant boosts to players' experience points (XP) and gold acquisition rates.

        Initial Boost: At the start of the event, players receive a 35% increase in both XP and gold.

        Post-Update Adjustment: Once the 1.4.2 update patch goes live (expected around June 10), the boosts will adjust to a 25% increase in XP and a 50% increase in gold.


Purpose of the Event:

    Celebration of the Anniversary: The event is part of the anniversary celebrations for Diablo 4, marking one year since the game's release. It aims to reward players with enhanced progression rates and increased wealth accumulation.


Strategy Tips for Maximizing Benefits:

    Maximize Playtime: Take advantage of the increased XP and gold rates by playing as much as possible during the event period.

    High-Yield Activities: Focus on activities that yield high XP and gold, such as completing dungeons, participating in events, and hunting elite monsters.

    Group Play: Consider playing in groups to tackle more challenging content efficiently, leveraging the boosted rewards.


Additional Anniversary Event Features


    March of the Goblins: Running concurrently with the Mother's Blessing event, this features increased appearances and loot drops from Treasure Goblins, providing another avenue for players to accumulate wealth and rare items.

    Anniversary Event Rewards: A series of seven special rewards, including mounts and weapon skins, are available from the Shop screen under the Anniversary Gifts heading. These rewards are released daily and can be claimed until June 20.


Official Announcements and Updates


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