Diablo 4 Season 4: Avarice, The Gold Cursed – World Boss Guide


In the vast, treacherous world of Diablo 4, few challenges test a player's mettle more than the confrontation with a world boss. One such formidable foe is Avarice, The Gold Cursed. This hulking, treasure-hoarding monstrosity embodies greed and destruction, tempting adventurers with the promise of riches while testing their resolve and teamwork. This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of how to locate, engage, and ultimately defeat Avarice, as well as detail the rewards awaiting those who succeed.

Finding Avarice

Avarice roams the arid lands of Kehjistan, specifically within the Seared Basin. This area, located northeast of Kehjistan or directly north from the Tarsarak Waypoint, becomes a battleground during Avarice’s appearances. Avarice spawns at specific times, and players will be alerted by a marker and a timer on their map roughly 30 minutes before the event begins. The golden glow in the sky is another telltale sign that Avarice is about to emerge, signaling all nearby adventurers to prepare for battle.

Preparing for Battle

To stand a chance against Avarice, a coordinated group effort is essential. Although a minimum of 12 players is recommended, individual participation is also possible, as the event does not require formal party formation. Utilizing waypoints to quickly gather at the designated location ensures maximum participation and readiness when the battle begins.

Engaging Avarice: Understanding Mechanics

Avarice is a multifaceted foe with a repertoire of devastating attacks and unique mechanics designed to challenge even the most seasoned players. The fight against Avarice is segmented into multiple phases, indicated by changes in the health bar. Players must be vigilant and adaptable to overcome each phase.

Stagger Mechanics and Treasure Goblins

Avarice features a stagger bar that fills through crowd control effects. Once staggered, Avarice will be immobilized temporarily, offering a crucial window to unleash high-damage attacks. During this stagger period, Avarice spawns two Treasure Goblins. These goblins carry valuable loot, but chasing them can lead to a significant loss of DPS on Avarice. Teams must balance the temptation of treasure with the priority of defeating the boss.

Key Abilities and Tactics

Avarice’s combat abilities require precise movement and timing to counter effectively:

    Portal Charge: Avarice's signature move, where he charges through a summoned portal, dealing lethal damage upon exiting. Avoid this by maintaining distance from portals and using defensive skills.

    Chest Swing: A 360-degree swing of Avarice's treasure chest, dealing massive AoE damage. Dodge by positioning between the chest and chain or staying far away.

    Mallet Slam: A ground slam creating shockwaves and exploding pillars, causing significant damage. Keep clear of pillars and use defensive skills to mitigate damage.

    Mallet Thrust: A wide-range cone attack with a brief wind-up, giving players time to evade.

    Cleave: A 180-degree mallet swing, dealing moderate damage. Avoid through careful positioning.

    Gold Vomit: Avarice vomits damaging gold, creating hazardous ground. Steer clear of these areas.

    Ground Stomp: Pulls players in before delivering a minor damage stomp. Maintain distance to avoid being drawn in.

    Pillars: Summons obstructive pillars, often preceding Mallet Slam. Stay away to avoid subsequent explosions.

Survival and Revival

If a player falls during the battle, they can be revived by teammates or choose to respawn at a nearby checkpoint, though at the cost of gear damage. Effective communication and prompt revivals are crucial to maintaining momentum in the fight.

Claiming Your Rewards

Defeating Avarice yields an array of valuable rewards. Players can expect to receive Scattered Prisms, used to add gem sockets to gear, alongside a high likelihood of obtaining Legendary items, boss materials, temper manuals, and weekly loot caches. These caches offer additional Legendary gear, gold, and gem fragments, with a chance to drop Unique items. Should any connectivity issues arise or loot be missed, rewards will be sent to the player's stash for later collection.


Confronting Avarice, The Gold Cursed, is a formidable challenge that requires strategic planning, coordination, and skillful execution. By understanding Avarice’s mechanics, preparing adequately, and maintaining focus during the fight, players can not only survive but also thrive, reaping the rich rewards that come with victory (you can sell your d4 items for diablo 4 gold on mmoexp.com). Embrace the challenge, and may your greed for glory guide you to triumph.