Diablo 4 Spiritborn class speculation and leaks


The upcoming Diablo 4 expansion, "Vessel of Hatred," introduces a new class called the Spiritborn. Although the full class reveal is slated for July 18, there are already some leaks and speculation surrounding the Spiritborn that have generated excitement in the community.


Background and Theme


The Spiritborn originate from Nahantu, a jungle region familiar to fans of Diablo 2. This area is known for its ancient ruins and untamed wilderness, providing a fitting backdrop for a class deeply connected to nature and its surroundings. The Spiritborn, as apex predators of this jungle, derive their power from their environment, suggesting that their abilities will have strong thematic ties to natural and animalistic elements.


Leaked Skills and Abilities


According to alleged leaks, the Spiritborn class will feature abilities grouped into four categories: Sky, Soil, Forest, and Plains. Here are some of the rumored skills:



    Razor Wing

    Bat Swarm


    Watcher's Volley



    Spore Pod


    Devourer's Wake


    Leech Harvest



    Dreadful Spiders

    Hunter's Claw

    Viper Pit

    Vine Hook



    Vicious Parry


These abilities hint at a diverse range of attacks and utilities, likely focusing on summoning creatures, manipulating the environment, and possibly transforming into various animal forms to enhance combat effectiveness. However, it's important to note that these are based on leaks and may not represent the final version of the class.


Speculations and Community Hype


The Diablo community is abuzz with speculation about how the Spiritborn will play. Given their connection to the jungle and nature, players expect the Spiritborn to have a unique playstyle that might incorporate elements of other classes but with a distinct focus on nature and animalistic powers. Some fans hope the Spiritborn will bring fresh mechanics to the game, such as environmental interactions or new forms of crowd control and area-of-effect damage.


Official Reveal and Expectations


Blizzard has planned a full reveal of the Spiritborn class on July 18, which will provide definitive details about the class's abilities, playstyle, and lore. Until then, fans are eagerly discussing potential builds and strategies that the Spiritborn might introduce to the game.




While the full details of the Spiritborn class in Diablo 4 will be unveiled soon, the early leaks and speculation paint a picture of a class deeply entwined with nature, offering a fresh and potentially transformative playstyle. Players are encouraged to stay tuned for the official reveal to get a complete understanding of what the Spiritborn will bring to the world of Sanctuary.


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