​Diablo IV Global Unlock Times, Early Access Details, Twitch Drops, and Trailer


Diablo IV is coming. Today, Blizzard released a launch guide, unlock times, Twitch Drops details, and a live-action launch trailer by Oscar-winning director Chloé Zhao.

Early Access will start on June first at 4 PM PDT for those who've preordered the Digital Special or Ultimate Version on any platform. This is the ideal opportunity for all districts, although they've given a helpful infographic showing unlock times in local time regions. So while it will unlock at 4:00 p.m. in California, it will already be 11:00 a.m. in New Zealand. For every other person, unlock will be at 4 PM PDT on June fifth.

On Tuesday, May 30th, if you've purchased any release of the game, you can start preloading it at 4 PM PDT. This goes for all platforms, and the launch guide tells you exactly how to access it wherever you play.

The new live-action launch trailer is brief and shows the chaos resulting from Lilith's return. Various Sanctuary occupants plead for help as the devils and the dread gets comfortable. There are a few actors addressing the game's player classes, to give a taste of exactly what answering such a hellish crisis could seem to be if you had the abilities of magic, shape-shifting, or were even really with a bow. Finally, Lilith looms throughout all as there's no time left.

Twitch Drops are coming, with the start of several week-after-week drops starting at the June fifth launch. Blizzard is also opening up another version of the Help a Streamer program to also get another mount. The weeks' drops are separated by class, with the main week having beauty care products for Rebel and Necromancer, Magician in week two, Druid in week three, and wrapping with Barbarian.

You'll have to watch qualified Diablo IV substances while the week-by-week drop is active; three hours during that week for certain things, and six hours for them all. There's a separate announcement with all of the qualified streamers and the reward things. The Help a Streamer returns by gifting a streamer to Twitch memberships at any level, and you'll get the Primal Intuition Mount as your reward.

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