​Dynamic GamePlans in Madden 23


It's the GamePlan function is among the features that is not utilized in Madden. The idea behind it was to cut down on play time by giving players the option of having an "coordinator" make plays for players based on the situation. It didn't be a huge impact but the system gave us the ability to control one aspect that had been obscure, and that was playcalling by CPU. In the current scenario of the User against. CPU franchise this is huge. Just taking the tools currently available and making changes to the playbooks will make teams' playcalling miles more enjoyable and exciting than it is now, however the problem is that if you play for a long period of time, which could be repetitive and boring. I'm hoping to take the GamePlan function one step further to ensure that when you play more seasons, you can feel the real-time impact of teams changing and adapting in their players and coaches.

If you're not sure the way GamePlan operates, it's basically an e-star system that determines the plays within a specific scenario (1st and 10, 3rd and long, etc.).) that determines what plays will be named. The higher the rating that plays, the more likely that the play will be used in a particular scenario. The majority of teams' playbooks comprise around 20 or so plays for each scenario, and, for the most part, the majority of them are rated 2 and 1/2 stars. five stars. The primary issue is that playbooks don't really take the majority of their playbook into account when they play the scenarios. You'll find plays like Curl Flats Slants, Corner Strike as well as Four Verticals prominent in just about every playbook, and they take several spots in various scenarios. This plays a role in teams being identically. The first step in this is to ensure that every team is using all of their playbook as is possible for each particular scenario whenever it's feasible. This doesn't mean the entire run of their playbooks available for 3rd or long scenarios. It simply involves applying more of their playbook to situations in which those playbooks are needed to increase the variety of the playcalling.

Moving on to the dynamic aspect. My idea is attaching star reductions/star boosts to specific concepts or plays within a playbook of a team according to scores of the players, coaches tendencies and the performance of the team.

Some examples:

A QB with excellent passing intangible makes every pass in the playbook , a half- or full star, whereas a lower overall QB can lower the number of passes.

A QB with a high SPD improves the number of read options and QBs available, while a pocket QB generally excludes them from being called.

A quarterback with a low THP is less effective when passing deep and also plays more routes that are further down the field.

A HB with an extremely high OVR increases every run play and an HB with a high TRK will raise all inside runs. A HB with a high SPD raises all runs outside and a HB with a high catch raises screens and plays when the HB is responsible for receiving.

I'm sure you get the basic idea. The idea is give teams the ability to modify their playcalling strategies in a flash to match their team's strengths and weaknesses instead of simply using their playbook. If a team such as Pittsburgh is unable to replace Big Ben they should not be running the same air-it-out offense alongside Landry Jones, or any quarterback who isn't a scrub. If a team such as Carolina is unable to replace Cam Newton they shouldn't be running QB Powers along with anyone such as Derek Anderson. This could have a tremendously positive effects on the way teams play, and gives you the impression of knowing that your teams constantly evolving as they adjust to injury, as well as the decisions they make in the draft and in free agency.

Of course, player characteristics aren't the only element in determining how the team plays are called. Each coach or coordinator has their own preferences and style with regards to playcalling too, which is why it's important to influence the way this is done. Therefore, apply the same principles like you do with rating of coaches' players (and coordinators but more about this in the future). Instead of giving stars boosted based on ratings, you should develop a personality characteristic for each coach in which every concept is either neutral, boosted or diminished. For example, a coach like Mike Martz could have characteristics which require more emphasis on passing games, whereas an athlete who loves to hit the ball could benefit from boosts for running plays.

This would go hand-in-hand with player ratings to form an individual star system for every team . It will change and adapt as time passes and help teams feel truly unique throughout the course of the CFM. Another important aspect of this is the capability to create distinct fictional characters that would be a part of your CFM and add something different and exciting for the franchise.

For the final portion of this performance of the team and personnel. This is something that's better be related to the Gameplanning/GamePrep aspect of the game, however I'll discuss the topic here and explain how it is the place where things can be really fascinating. The way I'd go about it is similar to how it's currently in place, but maybe extend it to include two or three concepts of offense and defense and then have them based on the characteristics of an opponent's team and strengths as well as weaknesses.

What will be considered in this is team ratings and team performance. Let's say that your team is around the mid-20's in comparison to the run. You've been losing ground in to the middle, or you have a DT that is below average. I'd like to make that the CPU prioritize inside runs as well as the run in general when they game plan to take on your weak points. One of the major changes I'd change Gameplanning to rather than having an attribute boost being an inverse of this, I'd use the structure of increasing star ratings and apply it to inside runs to make them more often against you and you get the feeling that teams are trying to target your weaknesses.

In other words, every week you'd have to make the choice to try to focus more on attacking the weaknesses of other teams and strengths, or trying to overcome ones own shortcomings. I'd like to see there be a feeling of teams tackling your weaknesses while working to their strengths, and having that chess game feeling as you prepare and play.

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