​EA Sports FC 24: Building a Stadium in Create a Stadium Feature


A passionate FIFA gamer showcased the highly anticipated Create a Stadium feature in EA Sports FC 24 on the PlayStation 5. With a dream of designing his own stadium, the gamer delved into the possibilities and challenges presented by this new feature. While not yet confirmed for the upcoming game, the video offered a glimpse into what players could potentially expect in the next installment of the popular franchise.

Stadium Customization

The video began with the gamer exploring the various customization options available. From choosing the stadium's location and setting the year it was built to selecting seat colors, every detail could be tailored to the player's preference. The gamer humorously navigated through the menu, accidentally placing a mountain on the stadium at one point, highlighting the learning curve of the feature.

Building the Foundation

Once the initial customization was complete, it was time to build the stadium. The gamer carefully placed the football pitch, surrounded it with props, and even added a golden goat statue outside the entrance to impress visitors. The attention to detail and the ability to duplicate props allowed for creative touches, such as placing a goat to symbolize excellence.

Fine-Tuning and Challenges

As the stadium took shape, the gamer faced challenges in aligning certain sections correctly. Adjustments were made to ensure aesthetic appeal and maintain a pleasing overall design. The video showcased the process of adding seating, parking spaces, and roofs to the stadium. Despite some hurdles, the gamer's enthusiasm and architectural ambitions were evident throughout.

Nighttime Ambiance

Acknowledging the importance of lighting, the gamer added stadium lights to enhance the nighttime atmosphere. The transformation brought the stadium to life, highlighting the progress made in the construction process. The excitement in the gamer's voice resonated as he shared the joy of witnessing his creation come together.

Unexpected Twists and Potential

However, not everything went according to plan. The video humorously revealed that the stadium unintentionally resembled a toilet seat due to an unforeseen design element. Yet, despite the unexpected twists, the gamer's enthusiasm remained undeterred. The video concluded with an invitation for viewers to subscribe to the channel and a teaser for a potential follow-up video, where the gamer contemplated creating a stadium with a seating capacity of one billion.


The triumphs and challenges of building a custom stadium in EA Sports FC 24, served as a testament to the excitement surrounding the inclusion of the Create a Stadium feature. Fans eagerly await the release of the game, anticipating the opportunity to unleash their creativity and build unique arenas that reflect their imagination. The prospect of managing a stadium of their own making adds another layer of immersion and excitement to the FIFA gaming experience as players use FC 24 (FIFA 24) Coins to bring their favorite teams to the virtual stadium.