EA Sports FC 24: Precision Passing - A Game-Changer in FIFA


I'm here to dive deep into the most crucial aspect of EA Sports FC 24 - Precision Passing. In this tutorial, we'll explore how this new feature is revolutionizing the game and how mastering it can give you an edge over your opponents. So, strap in and get ready to elevate your FIFA skills to a whole new level.

Precision Passing Unleashed

Precision passing is a skill-based mechanic that allows you to bend and shape the perfect pass with manual precision. This means that your accuracy when aiming at a target location is crucial, and your player receiving the pass will make an effort to move toward the ball's destination. This mechanic adds a layer of skill to passes, rewarding players who can carve out their own space and aim precisely.

How to Execute Precision Ground Passes

Executing Precision Ground Passes is relatively straightforward. On PlayStation, press R1 + Triangle, and on Xbox, it's RB + Y. As you prepare to make the pass, you'll notice a small circle on the pitch. This is your opportunity to move the left analog stick to pinpoint the exact direction of your pass.

For instance, in a scenario where you want to perform a driven pass directly to your striker, the Precision Ground Pass can be your go-to move. Alternatively, if you're looking to send an efficient through ball down the running path of your striker, this mechanic has got you covered. The beauty of Precision Ground Passes lies in their versatility - they can be powerfully driven passes or perfectly placed through balls, giving you more options in your build-up play.

Creative Wing Play

One of my favorite ways to utilize this feature is when you're running down the wing. You can cut inside and select precisely which player you want to pass to, bypassing intermediary passes and saving valuable time. This added precision can be a game-changer when you're looking to break down your opponent's defense.

Mastering the Precision Lobe Passes

Precision Lobe Passes open up a world of possibilities. To execute them, press R1 + Square on PlayStation or RB + X on Xbox. This passing technique has the potential to make crosses incredibly effective in this year's FIFA installment.

The Precision Lobe Pass allows for precise and accurate passes, even around the opponent's penalty box. This level of accuracy was hard to achieve in previous FIFA versions. It's not limited to just one area of the pitch; you can use it effectively all over as long as you've mastered the technique.

The Second Post Cross

One aspect of the Precision Lobe Pass that's worth noting is the second post cross. By simply pressing R1 + Triangle and moving the left analog stick in that direction, you can execute a perfect cross that leaves the goalkeeper with no chance. This is a game-changer in itself, adding a new dimension to your attacking options.

Adding Swerve to Your Passes

Another noteworthy feature is the ability to add swerve to all these passing variations. By pressing and holding LT or L2 on your controller, you can curve your passes to navigate through tight spaces or find your target with even more precision. However, it's important to practice these motions, especially when using them in your half, to avoid turnovers.

Attributes That Matter

To excel at Precision Passing, pay close attention to specific player attributes. Long passing and short passing are the primary attributes, with vision and composure contributing to a lesser extent. Additionally, curve comes into play when attempting swerve passes. These attributes collectively increase the accuracy of Precision Lobe Passes and the quality of Precision Ground Passes.


In my opinion, the most significant addition to EA Sports FC 24 is Precision Passing. This feature's versatility allows you to use it as a driven pass, a through ball, or a standard pass, giving you unmatched control over your play. When combined with Precision Lobe Passes, it becomes a game-changer for building up around the opponent's penalty box. And the second post cross with Precision Lobe Passes? That's a killer move.

In the end, mastering Precision Passing is the key to success in FIFA 24. If you can get a handle on this feature, you'll be a force to be reckoned with in the game. So, get out there, practice, and start dominating the pitch. Thanks for joining me in this tutorial.

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