Elden Ring: 5 things to know before playing Shadow of the Erdtree


"Shadow of the Erdtree" is set to challenge even the most prepared players. Here are five key things to know before diving into this DLC:


    You Are Not Overleveled, So Level Up


        Even if you're at the highest level possible, the enemies in "Shadow of the Erdtree" are scaled to provide a significant challenge. Players need to collect Scadutree Fragments to boost their attack and defense stats by 5%. This system ensures that even max-level characters will find the new content demanding.


    Don't Skip Unusual Enemies


        Many important items, including Elden Ring Runes , Scadutree Fragments, and the new Revered Spirit Ashes, are dropped by unique enemies, such as skinny zombie ghosts holding pots or jars. It's crucial to defeat these enemies to gain these valuable rewards.


    Explore Above and Below


        The Shadow Realm is designed with vertical exploration in mind. Key areas and pathways may be hidden above or below what seems like dead ends. Pay close attention to unusual cliffs, slopes, and odd-looking walls that might lead to secret passages. Major locations like the Moorth Ruins and Shadow Keep have hidden paths and complex structures worth thoroughly exploring.


    Read the Items Descriptions for Story


        As with previous FromSoftware games, the story is deeply embedded in item descriptions. Reading these can provide vital clues for quests and understanding the intricate plotlines. Keeping notes on these descriptions can be very helpful for navigating the DLC's complex narratives.


    Watch Preparation Guides

        Before diving in, it's beneficial to watch preparation guides from MMOexp. These guides offer comprehensive detail on preparing for the DLC, including beating necessary characters like Mohg and Radahn, and ensuring you have the right weapons and stats.


By keeping these points in mind, you'll be better equipped to face the challenges that "Shadow of the Erdtree" presents and fully enjoy the concluding chapter of Elden Ring.