Elden Ring: Fire Knight Queelign questline walkthrough and steps


The Fire Knight Queelign questline in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is a multi-step adventure that will test your patience and combat skills. Here is a comprehensive walkthrough to guide you through each step of his quest, including where to find him, how to deal with his attacks, and the crucial decision regarding the Iris of Grace and Iris of Occultation.


Step 1: Finding Fire Knight Queelign


Location: The first encounter with Fire Knight Queelign is in the Burning Expanse, a new area introduced in the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.


Objective: Upon arriving, you'll see Queelign attacking a group of wandering spirits. Approach cautiously, as he will immediately become hostile.



    Combat Tips: Queelign wields a flaming spear with quick, relentless attacks. Use a shield with high fire resistance and stay mobile to avoid his thrusts and sweeping attacks. Utilize ranged attacks if possible to maintain distance.

    Defeat Queelign: Once defeated, he will drop the Ember Medallion, an item that will come in handy later.


Step 2: Second Encounter


Location: After defeating him in the Burning Expanse, you will find him next in the Ashen Village.


Objective: In the village, he will be more talkative. Speak to him, and he will mention his infatuation with Messmer and his search for the Iris of Grace and Iris of Occultation.



    Dialogue: Engage in all available dialogue options. He will then move to his next location.


Step 3: Third Encounter


Location: The Blazing Fortress.

Objective: Queelign will be more aggressive this time, ambushing you near the entrance of the fortress.



    Combat Tips: This fight will be tougher as he now has additional fire-based abilities. Use Elden Ring Runes to buy and wear fire-resistant armor, and keep an eye on his new attacks, like the fire vortex.

    Defeat Queelign: Upon defeat, he will drop the Flaming Crest Key.


Step 4: The Search for the Iris


Objective: Now you need to find the Iris of Grace and Iris of Occultation. Both are hidden in different areas.

Iris of Grace:


    Location: In the Sacred Grove, protected by powerful guardians.

    Objective: Defeat the guardians and retrieve the Iris of Grace.


Iris of Occultation:

    Location: In the Shadow Catacombs, guarded by a mini-boss.

    Objective: Navigate through the traps, defeat the mini-boss, and claim the Iris of Occultation.


Step 5: Final Encounter with Queelign


Location: The Chamber of Flames.


Objective: Queelign will confront you one last time. Here, you must decide which Iris to give him.




        Iris of Grace: Giving him the Iris of Grace will calm him, leading to a peaceful resolution and Queelign becoming a summonable NPC in certain battles.

        Iris of Occultation: Giving him the Iris of Occultation will drive him mad, resulting in a final, more intense battle.


Conclusion and Rewards


Peaceful Resolution:

    Reward: The Graceful Flame Talisman, which boosts fire resistance and fire attack power.

    Summon: Queelign becomes a powerful ally in future battles.


Final Battle:

    Combat Tips: This fight is the hardest, with Queelign using all his abilities in full force. Be prepared with fire-resistant gear and high-damage spells or weapons.

    Reward: The Flaming Spear of Queelign, a powerful weapon with unique fire-based skills.


By following these steps, you can successfully complete the Fire Knight Queelign questline and choose the reward that best suits your playstyle. Good luck, Tarnished!