Elden Ring: Where To Get Flame


In Elden Ring, the Flame, Cleanse Me Incantation is a valuable spell for removing status effects like Poison and Scarlet Rot. Here's how you can acquire and use this Incantation:


How To Acquire Flame, Cleanse Me


    Defeat Godrick the Grafted: Progress through the game until you have defeated Godrick the Grafted. This will grant you access to a new area called Liurnia of the Lakes.


    Travel to Liurnia of the Lakes:

        From the Eastern Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace, head northeast to reach the Eastern Tableland Site of Grace. This location is situated below the elevator that leads to Ainsel River Well.


    Find the Encampment:

        From the Eastern Tableland Site of Grace, move southwest to locate an encampment enclosed by a wooden spiked fence. Find an entrance to this encampment.


    Locate the Corpse:

        Inside the encampment, proceed to the southern side where you will find a corpse near some jars. This corpse holds the Flame, Cleanse Me Incantation.


Incantation Requirements & Uses


    Requirements: To use the Flame, Cleanse Me Incantation, you need:

        12 Faith

        14 FP (Focus Points)


    How to Equip:

        Go to any Site of Grace and select the option to Memorize Spell. Then, navigate to the Support Incantations and equip Flame, Cleanse Me to an available spell slot.



        Flame, Cleanse Me is particularly useful for removing Scarlet Rot and Poison buildup. This makes it highly effective in areas like the Lake of Rot and other poisonous environments. It's also beneficial in PvP scenarios against opponents who use builds centered around status effects like Bleed or Madness.


Additional Tips


    Supportive Role: This Incantation doesn't deal damage but provides significant support by purging harmful effects, allowing you to navigate hazardous areas with greater ease.

    PvP Utility: In player-versus-player encounters, it can counteract builds that rely on inflicting status effects, giving you an edge over certain strategies.


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