FC 24 Euro 2024 brings a brand new mode and fresh FUT cards


The FC 24 Euro 2024 update for EA Sports FC 24 introduces a brand new mode and a variety of fresh content for fans, particularly those who enjoy Ultimate Team (FUT). Here's a detailed breakdown of what you can expect from this update:


What is FC 24 Euro 2024?


FC 24 Euro 2024 is a standalone mode within EA Sports FC 24 that centers around the international tournament happening in June and July. It features:


    Real teams, players, and kits for all 24 qualified teams, including Georgia, making its first finals appearance.

    Authentic German stadiums where the tournament matches will take place.

    The real Euro 2024 trophy.


Ultimate Team (FUT) Additions


Ultimate Team receives significant updates with the Euro 2024 mode, including new card types and special events. Two primary categories of new cards are:


    Greats Of The Game Cards: These are upgrades of FC 24 Base Icons, reflecting players' countries' goalscoring feats.

    Path To Glory Cards: These feature contemporary players who receive boosts based on their national teams' progress in the tournament.


How to Watch the Trailer


FC 24 Euro 2024 brings a brand new mode and fresh FUT cards


You can watch the official FC 24 Euro 2024 gameplay trailer to get a closer look at the mode, teams, and new kits available. The trailer is accessible through various gaming news websites and EA Sports' official channels.

Release Date


The FC 24 Euro 2024 update was released on June 6, 2024, ahead of the tournament's kickoff on June 14, 2024, when Germany plays Scotland in Munich.


Lead Your Nation Mode


This model is a mini-version of the FC 24 career mode where you can:


    Captain your country as a real player or a newly created one.

    Customize groups before the tournament starts.

    Unlock PlayStyles through training sessions.

    Play matches in four different ways: the full game, highlights, controlling your player, or the entire team.


European Journey Rewards


There are specific rewards tied to playing through the Euro 2024 content. Some of these include:


    Euro Nations TOTS Defender 10-Match Loan for selecting and starting with your favorite national team.

    5-Star Coach for winning the Euro 2024 tournament in Manager Career Mode.

    87+ Rare Gold Player for filling all PlayStyle slots with your created Pro.

    24-match loan Base Icon player pick for winning Player of the Match in Lead Your Nation mode.

    Euro Nations TOTS Attacker 10-Match Loan for winning a semi-final in kick-off mode.

    Pro Customisation Items for various achievements in both Player Career and Volta modes.


Unqualified Teams


While all qualified teams are included in the FC 24 Euro 2024 mode, details about unqualified teams and how they are incorporated are not explicitly mentioned in the initial release notes.


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