​Guild Siege matching system in Lost Ark


It could be something of a rant however we had just an incident where I believe our guild as well as another guild were completely victimized by the rng. There were 6 guilds that participated in the siege. 1 guild did not show up, therefore the guild was disqualified following two rounds.

The outcomes and descriptions of how they arrived at them were similar to this:

1. Rank 1 guild basically took every single game, as you would expect they were ranked first and well deserved.

2. The guild of Rank 2 met with Rank 1 guild one time and 2 guilds faced Rank 1 guild once and lost. The rest of their matches ended with 1 win over the no-show, and 2 wins in default and one win against the Rank 5.

3. The guild of Rank 3 met Rank 1 twice, and 3 lost both. They were victorious in the remaining matches. (3 times against a Rank 5 guild)

4. We took 3 wins (1 win over no-show and a win on default, and 1 win against 5) however, we lost two times against Rank 1.

5. The guild of rank 5 was defeated in all their matches. Naturally they finished last.

What was the significance of these pairs? Three of the ranked 4 had never met in any way, and the only thing they did was winning free while the other got their arse hit by the Rank 1,, and one taking out five-ranked. In this particular case, 3 and 4 were beaten repeatedly by the Rank 1, while rank 2 was simply getting to second place by a few free wins. In the end, it seems like the system should offer us different opponents when feasible instead of giving the an entire guild free wins, while matching other guilds to repeated match-ups where the result is likely to be already known. It was a very an rng-fest as it was all about hoping that you could win free or a rank 5 opponent and not being paired with one of the top ranks.

Have you seen similar events have happened to you? Seriously, there has to be something more than this. This may be an extreme case that has just occurred, but this is not a realistic scenario.

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