​Here are the NBA 2K23 Replica Builds


These are what I’ve visible on YouTube up to now:

Mamba (Kobe Bryant) #8 & #24 Versions

Chef (Steph Curry)

The Joker (Nikola Jokic)

The Worm (Dennis Rodman)

Lil’ Penny (Penny Hardaway)

The Point God (Chris Paul)

Rip (Richard Hamilton)

The Klaw (Kawhi Leonard)

The Glove (Gary Payton)

Flash (Dwayne Wade)

The Matador (Luka Doncic)

Agent Zero (Gilbert Arenas)

The Truth (Paul Pierce)

Magic (Magic Johnson)

Baby Boogie (Demarcus Cousins)

Swipa (De’Aaron Fox)

Zanos (Zion Williamson)

The Dream (Hakeem Olajuwon)

Reign Man (Shawn Kemp)

Half Man, Half Amazing (Vince Carter) Nets & Raptors Versions

Deebo (Demar Derozan)

The Big Ticket (Kevin Garnet)

Mr. Big Shot (Chauncey Billups) Best I’ve visible imo

Grandmama (Larry Johnson) LOL wtf

The Logo (Jerry West)

Baby Boogie (Demarcus Cousins)

The Glide (Clyde Drexler)

The Big Fundamental (Tim Duncan)

The Matrix (Shawn Marion)

The Answer (Allen Iverson)

Waiting to peer The Chosen One (rumor turned into that is LeBron), The Pedophile Postman, and The Greek Freak.

What’d I leave out and who could you want to peer? By the way, I recommend you a great 2k23 mt coins shop - MMOexp.com, always cheap & fullstock.