Highest rated rookies in 2k history

Highest rated rookies in 2k history? I saw that Lonzo and Fultz were rated as 80 so I was apprehensive which rookies accept had the accomplished appraisement at the alpha of the game.

Look this...

1,John Bank 81 ovr

2,Kyrie Irving 81 ovr

3,Greg Oden 80 ovr

4,Derrick rose 80 ovr

5,Markelle Fultz 80 ovr

6,Lonzo Brawl 80 ovr

7,Michael Beasley 80 ovr

8,Ben Simmons 79 ovr

9,Anthony Davis 79 ovr

10,Lebron James 78 ovr

Worth annihilation that a 78 was in actuality acceptable in 2k4, the calibration of the ratings has changed. I aswell feel like Rose and Beasley accepting 80s isn't great, I bethink there accepting a ton of 99 overalls in that game.

LeBron was a 78 in 2k4 and off the top of my arch I can't anticipate of a amateur who would be a college rating...Lonzo and Markelle are apparently up there all time with the appraisement aggrandizement we're accepting these days.

LBJ's 78 in espn2k would construe to like a 84 in todays appraisement scale. Yeah absolute true, I didn't do a abundant job putting my thoughts into words here.

I was basically traveling for the actuality that in my opinion, LeBron apparently deserves the accomplished amateur appraisement over the bulk of 2k's existence, but he was just a 78.

We've had appraisement aggrandizement aback then, so we accept a few guys college (there's a absolute account now in this thread, looks like 9 guys total) - but that's due to the all-embracing appraisement inflation, not the superior of the rookies.

Given that Lonzo and Markelle are college than LeBron was, while decidedly beneath talented/hyped (indicating that the aggrandizement is continuing and ratings consistently accumulate traveling up).

I would apprehend that Lonzo and Markelle are abutting to the accomplished rated rookies ever, as they're the best rookies in the bold that has the a lot of NBA 2K18 MT Coins aggrandized ratings so far.


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