​How do I build 1415+ Energy Overflow Soulfist


Maxroll states 5/5/5/5/5/1 however that's difficult without 9/7 stones, and two books, and I'm unable to pull it off. There's not much space available for Soulfist engravings using dps, but I'm not afraid to be creative using something similar to Sight Focus.

Do you have an Korean source for a reliable Overflow build without the need for 2 12 books? It would be preferential to have 2 9 books as it's an alternative to mine, but in the event that I have to buy Adrenaline gold, I'm able to do so if I need to. However, I'd rather do slightly less dps using another build. I already have access to 12 Precise Dagger the books.

I need to have Grudge 3 Cursed Doll 3. Adrenaline 3 and Overflow 1. The rest of the game is usable. All Out Attack is decent and Raid Captain is a good choice as well, etc. Right now I'm 3/3/3/1/1 Grudge/Doll/Adrenaline/Overflow/All Out Attack. But I'd like to upgrade to the relic accessories.

However, the issue is that I'm not able to figure out how. I'm looking for a strange cut stone or something , because everything I input into the planner does not work. I thought I would just use three overflows, however it really isn't a good engraving beyond level 1.

14.45 soulfist is here. Id recomend a 33331 build of Grudge/CD/RC/Adrnln/EO. Im using an 33331 build that has identical engravings, however the CD is replaced by KBW.

The first step is to find your stone, and ideally one that is 7/7 . Since your design is influenced by the stone you own (Unless you are lucky, this could be the biggest obstacle.) Avoid Grudge or CD on stones as it's an expensive and waste of. Always use your +9 engraving for anything that you find too costly.


Then it is Grudge 9. CD 9 RC 7 Adraline 7

To accessorize, go for the full swift Grudge 3 EO 3 2 CD 3 EO 3 3 RC 5 Grudge 3 4 Adren 5 CD 3 5 Adren 3 RC 3

It's true that anything that has EO typically is expensive, however, pairing the EO together with Grudge or Cursed doll gives you lower prices, I don't know what the reason.

It is possible that you won't be able finish your building in one go There are only a handful of soulfists, after all. So take it slow and picking up pieces as you proceed.

I kept proggressing past 1415 keeping my og 3333 grudge/kbw/adrn/EO build intil finished my set.

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