How To Flip Bronze Badges?


I have 600 tokens that I will not spend on players, I want to make money from them. Should I set their minimum bid to 4 hours, or is it just up to the badge? This is how I uninstall badges, it can be tedious, but it will get you the most NBA 2K22 MT.

Get out your pen and paper and start writing badges, I just search my collection for badges to determine their value. If you want it to sell as soon as possible, bid and buy out at the same price and 50-100 tons below the lowest price currently on the market. If you want to go slower, maybe net more MT, just match the price to the lowest price on AH or raise it 100-500 MT for 24 hours. Some won't sell, but they will eventually if you republish.

Also, I would switch to silver instead of bronze, the value seems to be higher. Source: Just unloaded 1,500+ coins worth of badges last week, lol. This was done at other stages of the year as well.

Don't post without a buyout though, that's how I and many others take advantage of the market. A surefire way to make MT is to bid on sniper badges overnight, and so is a surefire way to get cheap badges for your players. I haven't paid more than 500 tons for any badge not named Rim Protector in a long time.

It's all down to badges, see what works, and put them in the trash; it takes a while, but you'll be a good MT. Each badge has a different price, you must look at each badge individually and check the price. If you don't mind, the guys have made a price guide on this sub, it's easy to get started, but they can fluctuate.

Rim protector, blindfold, menace, infinite 3, and brick wall are the best flips. Of course, you have to get them at the right price. Accumulate during the week and sell at the weekend. profit. Do not list any minimum bids. You'll be selling a ton for 250 tons when you can get a minimum of 450 tons for the worst badges, and more for some badges.

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