How to trade in Path of Exile


Trading in Path of Exile (PoE) is a core part of the game's economy and is essential for acquiring the items you need to enhance your character. Here's a comprehensive guide on how to trade effectively in Path of Exile:

In-Game Trading


    Direct Trading with Other Players:

        Initiating Trade: Find the player you want to trade within a town or a hideout. Right-click on their character and select "Trade."

        Trade Window: A trade window will open where both players can place items and currency. Confirm the trade once both parties are satisfied with the exchange.


    Trade Chat:

        Accessing Trade Chat: Press "Enter" to open the chat box, then type /trade 1 to join the global trade chat channel.

        Posting Trades: Type out your trade offer or what you're looking to buy. Keep in mind that the chat moves quickly, so you may need to post multiple times.


Using Path of Exile Trade Websites


    Path of Exile Official Trade Site:

        Navigating the Site: Visit Path of Exile Trade.

        Searching for Items: Use the search filters to find specific items. You can filter by item type, mods, and price.

        Whispering Players: When you find an item you want, click on the whisper icon next to the seller's name. This will copy a formatted message to your clipboard. Paste this message in the game chat to contact the seller directly.


    Community Trade Websites:

        Popular Sites: Use community websites like and Path of Exile Ninja for additional trading options and price checking.

        Using Similar to the official trade site, you can filter and search for items. Whisper sellers in-game to initiate trades.


Using Premium Stash Tabs


    Setting Up Premium Stash Tabs:

        Purchase Premium Tabs: Buy Premium Stash Tabs from the in-game store.

        Pricing Items: Right-click on the Premium Stash Tab, set it to "Public," and you can price items individually or set a price for all items in the tab.

        Visibility: Items in public tabs are indexed on the official trade site and community trade tools, making it easier for others to find your listings.


Trading Currency


    Exchanging Orbs and Currency Items:

        Common Trades: Currency like Chaos Orbs, Exalted Orbs, and other orbs are commonly traded.

        Using Exchangers: Visit to find players willing to trade specific currencies.


Tips for Safe Trading


    Beware of Scams:

        Double-Check Items: Always verify the items and amounts in the trade window before confirming.

        Trusted Sources: Use reputable trade websites and avoid too-good-to-be-true deals. For example, MMOexp is a good choice to buy Path of Exile currency and items.


    Efficient Trading:

        Know the Market: Keep an eye on current prices and trends using Poe. ninja.

        Clear Communication: Clearly state your trade terms and be respectful in negotiations.


By following these steps and using the available tools, you can efficiently trade items and currency in Path of Exile, enhancing your gameplay experience. For more detailed guides and updates, check