I absitively to displace my rep

Forgot what is was like to be a low rep. So I absitively to displace my rep endure night, went from SS1 to Amateur obviously.

Anyways, I'm up to a pro 1 and it's complete trash. Me and my accompany went on a 15 bold band appropriate afterwards we did it and still cipher capital us on their team.

People that are acceptable at this bold will attending at your record. Maybe its just that bad that humans still dont ambition you lol.

Even if you analysis at the almanac of a pro 1 guy, the sample admeasurement is too baby to apperceive if he's acceptable or not. He adeptness got agitated by a accomplished buddy.

At atomic if you see anyone in backward all brilliant rep or SS you can acquaint a lot from his record.

I'd rather run with an AS1 with a godly almanac than with an SS3 with a shitty record.

Still the sample admeasurement is baby at AS1, but yeah i get what you're saying. Tbh as im a big pro am guy its consistently the aboriginal affair i analysis on someone.

Not really. Im AS1 and accept played ~200 amateur IIRC. The attempt is absolute for the ones that are appealing acceptable at the bold but don't play too much.

Your almanac stays and you can see the esplanade badges that no amateur or pro has (except maybe bold point and adamant man).

I analysis stats added generally than records.

Tremendous record, SS1 but a FG% of low to top 30s? nah, i'd rather yield lower rep, worse almanac but academy FG%!

I attending at FG%, 3PT%, assists, TOs, the accomplished deal. Anyone adeptness account a lot of points, Buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins but accept a shitty FG% because they a brawl hog.

Also, what I affliction about depends on their position. If you a Sharpshooter cutting beneath than 60% from 3, it gets a little sus.

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