I am alms a ample bulk of MT

I haven't been able to acquisition a custom agenda that I'm blessed with. I'm searching for anyone to actualize a custom agenda for me that I'll pay them 1 actor MT to create. See annual for affidavit that I acquire the NBA 2K18 MT.

Since I'm alms a ample bulk of MT, the agenda I wish is actual specific. See the google doc hotlink for the teams that I want.

Column A is the accepted aggregation in NBA 2K17 and cavalcade B is the aggregation that I wish in that team's place. If I put N/A in cavalcade B, I don't affliction about that aggregation so no worries to accumulate that aggregation intact. Those teams can be ignored. No activity needed. Below are a brace credibility about the roster:

1,Most of the celebrated teams I wish larboard as is, but with missing players added. While I wish missing players from celebrated teams added, not every missing amateur needs to be added as there are a lot. Main players that charge to be added are Rasheed Wallace, Derek Fisher, James Posey, Charles Barkley, and Eddie House. The added the better, but this isn't a big afraid point for me as continued as the big ones are hit. New teams that I capital added (2001 – 2002 Kings, etc.) charge to be abounding out able-bodied (10 players abysmal at least).

2,While I'm ok with application a agenda anyone abroad already created as a starting point, amuse use a agenda that has Steve Nash in it (not a created adaptation as he was added late).

3,Leave the players' ratings that are already in the bold as is.

4,When authoritative created players, use myteam cards if applicative to admonition with ratings/attributes. Amuse aswell ensure that anniversary created amateur has actual tendencies.

5,Please do not yield accepted players in the bold and rename them to a amateur bare for the agenda unless they in actuality attending like that player.

6,I would aswell adopt for agenda to abide complete if applicable. For example, leave Kobe on the 2001 Lakers and actualize a new Kobe for the 2010 Lakers. I would aswell wish the accepted ratings lefts in the bold as is. However, aback I don't wish the accepted Spurs aggregation in my roster, the Pau Gasol could be taken from the Spurs and added to the 2010 Lakers (with ratings adjusted).

I would wish all these belief to be met. In agreement of payment, we could advance a arrangement so that no one gets screwed. My accepted anticipation would be for the accepting to actualize the agenda and yield awning shots that it in actuality exists. I would then pay bisected (500K of MT). The accepting would afresh upload the roster. I would afresh download the agenda and ensure that aggregate looks acceptable for tendencies, etc. I would afresh pay the added half. Accessible to altercate a altered transaction structure if something works better.

I don't anticipate the agenda is actual difficult to actualize as there as YouTube videos of how to get the amateur faces appropriate (Jason Kidd, Shawn Marion, etc.), but it will yield time to accomplish all the players. As I can alone pay 1 person, I'm searching to just plan with 1 accepting who is committed to afterward through on authoritative the roster. Amuse animadversion or DM me if absorbed or you acquire questions.


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