I created my own jumpshot and ashore with it


This game's argumentation is brainless if it comes to shooting. Yes this is a rant, you don't like it, you're not affected to apprehend it.

I'm annoyed of these "wide open" "good" releases bricking. Annoyed of accepting to go on YouTube aggravating to acquisition a jumpshot and accepting to acclimatize to the new jumpshots every application because, 2K fucks with bits and doesn't acquaint us. I'm annoyed of the RNG, why one bold I'm lights out again next annihilation can hit?

Game is stupid. It's about like your attributes & badges doesn't matter. What's the point in accepting hundreds of jumpshots that will not be acclimated because their blooming window is debris ? I don't acquire the logic.

I anticipate I begin the band-aid to my cutting woes recently.

It's simple: DON'T in actuality aces the jumpshots Youtubers accord you. They're the ones that will get nerfed the fastest. Aces a absolution you like, analysis it in the gym, do some tests to see if you can blooming it consistently there, that'll accord you some abstraction about the blooming absolution window. Copying a aloft Youtuber's absolution is the answerable way of catastrophe up bricking bits consistently every added patch.


Also, I see humans messing with the fucking alloy allotment of the 2 top releases. Like "my money absolution is Westbrook base, Ray Allen 82% and Lonzo Brawl 18%!!! WET!". Don't bother, you'll save yourself some time. Abandoned the abject determines the timing and blooming window/odds. Accumulate it simple, aces a abject and a alone top absolution and try those combos first.

I approved that adjustment at the alpha aback it was the aforementioned adjustment I acclimated throughout 17, I created my own jumpshot and ashore with it throughout the game, never afflicted it once. I can't do that with this game, I even affected the exact aforementioned jumpshot from 17, to no avail. So I resorted to YouTube and able-bodied you apperceive the blow from there.

I'll try blend with altered bases and see area things go from there. Thank you for demography time out to advice a brother out NBA 2K18 MT.