​I do not assume the nerfs to solo farming are fair


I farmed ZF every day for uncooked gold and mageweave. I did not boost. I leveled my paladin to grind gold in particular due to the fact grinding gold is how I revel in the sport.

I cannot try this now.I do not get why my playstyle changed into destroyed after they certainly should've nerfed the boosted exp. What're your thoughts?

The fee of gold is tied immediately to what you could do with it. That approach gold is associated with the fee of objects/substances and offerings (like shopping for an enchant, or a boost, or a tank).

- If gold is inflated, then meaning promoting objects/substances or promoting offerings nets you extra gold. This approach that you could then take part withinside the financial system even though gold is inflated.

- If goods/substances are inflated, then you could farm gold or promote offerings to shop for substances and you'll be capin a position to take part.

- If offerings are inflated, you could farm gold or promote objects/substances to take part withinside the financial system.

This entire belief that there's an excessive amount of gold withinside the financial system is nonsense. There is a herbal equilibrium on all components of this financial system due to the fact all of it's miles dynamically associated with every different. The most effective matters that get devalued are matters which have a set charge just like the price of epic flying.

So the most effective factor that each one those farmers are doing is making it in order that extra human beings have epic flying. Seriously, that is what you are all dropping your minds approximately.

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