Is this bold P2W


Any gatcha is p2w aloof get it in your mind, yes there may be 1 that isn't but aloof save yourself some time and accept all are.

It doesn't beggarly you shouldn't play, what you should be allurement is how f2p affable it is, will you get abundant amendment and mats to comedy a fair bulk or will it abjure you and force you to absorb aggregate you accept for any little affair in-game? In that attention SW chronicles is appealing friendly.

You get abundant amendment mats and abundant to do for a while, already you are end bold it's a little beneath but it's fun, bulk out for yourself if it's fun abundant or not to stay.

2023 best hot game - Summoners War: Chronicles

For me it's actual acceptable with the bulk of being the being they accord you for free. Especially if you do all three summoners belief and ancillary quests. Most of the progression is annual advanced and your monsters are additionally aggregate amid summoners.

You aloof accept to be "careful" with your resources. Body you angelic leash aboriginal " WATER GARUDA, WIND PIXIE, FIRE FAIRY" Again Body the monsters the bold gives you like FIRE LIZARDMAN, WATER AMAZON and WIND WITCH. I added a WIND YETI for a wind healer and a WATER GORE for Immunity Band in Wind Dungeon. Highly recommended WIND MARTIAL CAT for 4 Star Ticket if you didn't cull her already.

Personally I would alone alpha Building 5 Stars afterwards you accept done the capital adventure and you are able to complete all the dungeons because your POWER LEVEL is aerial enough.

I started with Cleaf and that's why I had to body the WATER GORE because I don't accept a strip, but I apprehend Orbia and Kina accept strips in their utilities. (I aloof accomplished Orbias Adventure but I still haven't absolutely looked at her skillset XD)

Also don't use your Restore Coins on monsters that aren't 5 Stars and you haven't acclimated Devilmon on. If you charge added XP Potions aloof do the Trial of Ascension, the abstruse apartment accord a ton. And on your playthrough as added summoners they accord you the assets to Body WATER GARUDA, WIND PIXIE, FIRE FAIRY, WIND WITCH, WATER VAGABOND and WATER AMAZON, so if they are already congenital you can use those assets on added mons. But Aboriginal try to Max Awaken and Accomplishment all the chargeless mons. Literally all you need. 5 Stars are the air-conditioned things you can comedy with after back you accept assets aloof laying around.